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  1. I still don't understand why Line6 has not added a section for users to share HD500X patches. I don't understand!!!
  2. Hi GunPointMetal Wow, your on the other end of my spectrum. Do you have a few tones that you have uploaded? It very well could be me. I've never owned a tube high gain amp. It's always been MOSFET and or line6 gear. I wonder if my ears have been tuned to liking that digital sound and maybe Line 6 finally got it right and has a more accurate sounding sim. Interesting twist.
  3. Thanks guys! I've downloaded a few of meambobbo's patches. his by far are the best ones but still doesn't seem as good as the X3 high gain tomes. I'll have to read meambobbo's entire site. It's some write up he's got there.
  4. Hello all I used to have a POD X3 Pro. I heard all the great reviews on the HD500X and decided I wanted a floor based device and ditch my X3 Pro. Newer means better, right? Well, maybe its just me, but I've had my HD500X for a tad over a week, I can't seem to get a great sounding high gain sound out of the HD500x. I've tried a few suggested tones users have uploaded via Customtone. They sound really good just not really great, to my ears. I have been using a headphones a majority of the times when using my previous gear up until now. I'm using a pair of Beyerdynamic DT 990 (Old but still kick's butt). Super great quality headphone that sounded great for the POD XT PRO, POD X3 Pro and even the POD HD500X. I think the POD HD500X has the best sounding reverbs to date on any POD based device I've owned. Clean sounds a pretty sweet but a few things I'm not happy with are the muddy sounding High gain models. I seem to be using my effects on EQ's leaving me no room for the other cool effects. Also, does anyone else find the chorus to seem a tad cheesy compared to the previous POD lines (X3, XT, 2.0)? I'm hoping for a firmware upgrade, if not, I'll be selling my HD500X for a X3. Any inputs? thanks SynSin
  5. Thanks EvilMikeHoo, unclejason has many tones I like. Great suggestion! If you have any others please let me know. Thanks!
  6. Guess I'll be tweaking for sometime like I've done in the past. = ) Thanks for all your input on this thread!
  7. Thanks EvilMikeHoo! Ima search for them. To upload I think its as simple as once you save your tone to your computer just simple click on the upload tone button then browsing for the file. Unless Line6 changed the way on how to upload. SynSin
  8. Hello all, I've previously had a POD XT Pro & POD X3 Pro and was able to achieve great hi-gain tones within minutes of having those devices. I'm 4 days new to the HD500X. I'm able to get pretty awesome clean tones but cant seem to nail Nu-Metal / Hard Rock tones. All the Hi-gain amps sound muddy to my ears. Can you guys suggest your favorite tones from Customtone of provide me some tips on where to begin? I've tried the factory rock sounds and just doesn't seem to do it for me. These past few days I seem to be doing sooo many tweaks just to create a killer tone instead of having fun playing. = ( Thanks SynSin
  9. You brought up another scenario that begs for me to ask but fear I already know the answer because of your last statement "pod hd500x is made to be used with pod hd500x and related files". So I've owned the POD XT PRO and POD X3 Pro and have TONS of patches and bundles that have amazing sounds. Guess there will be no way for me to port these over to the HD500X. SynSin
  10. Hi "TheRealZap" seems pretty silly that Line6 would release Line6Edit to work in this manner. Its not the end of the world but at least there is a work around that I can use. I will try "SilverHead" method when I get back home, seems like less steps to take. Thanks for the input fellas! SynSin
  11. Hello This is my first post in years. I just purchased a Line6 POD HD500X. I have installed the Line6 HD500X Edit software but It cannot open any of the tones from http://line6.com/customtone/ I have to first save the tone to an area of my hard drive, click file, open, use the drop down arrow to select "all files" to open anything I find on Customtone. Most of the tones I have found are .h5e extensions but I also cannot open .5xe directly unless I open the tone via the method I have listed above (File, open...etc...) Any tips or ideas? Thanks SynSin
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