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  1. I opted for the M5 first in the signal chain with expression pedal, into Boss Super Overdrive into HD147. I love the M5 to be able to add U-Vibe, Wah, Compression, and Harmony effects in conjuction to the onboard effects and volume controlled with FBV. With the bonus of having extra delay, chorus, script phase, and OD without taking up floor board real estate and doing river dance for patch changes while keeping input signal maximized. Also works great with my Ampeg BA500 2x10 combo although am thinking about getting an M9 just for bass duties
  2. Another way to look at it is simply for every flash is when the delay will hit. When playing a song, "tap" the tap tempo button to the beat and your delay times will sync up, very useful once you get the hang of it. You'll find that your playing will mesh up if you "tap to the tempo".
  3. HD147 Spinal Puppet with 4x12 Greenbacks modeled playing Rock and Roll Rebel

  4. I've been a fan/convert/believer in line 6 ever since 2004. I cut my teeth on the PodXT live and use the same approach with my HD147. I'll use the Spinal Puppet/line 6 crunch red mode as follows. Drive 8.5 bass 8 mid 9 treble 7.5 presence 5.5 volume 6 reverb delay and chorus varies by preset usually rule of thumb no more than 30% in signal mix, I have a Marshall 4x12 with vintage 30s. I'll use cab modeling depending on presets as follows bypass, for heavy 80's greenback model or Mesa model for a heavier tone. No matter what I'll still use my boss sd1 super overdrive in front of my HD147 to give it a boost with some sizzle. With my PodXT live I use the tube screamer model in the signal chain. A good guitar with good pickups is part of the equation well. I use the following Jackson's DK2 Duncan's TB5 Custom and Classic Stacks, Fusion EX Pro stock pickups, SLSMG EMG 81/85, DK6 COW EMG 81, Ibanez rg7321 EMG 81-7/707. I've not used the xlr and just been mic'd, I'm guessing that going direct with xlr would probably be the hot ticket might want to try that as well.
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