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  1. Charlie, that is true they have been out for years. Unfortunately, I haven't seen any local musicians gigging with a Variax guitar. I guess I'm not an early adopter, I may be an "only" adopter in my city..... :D Bill
  2. September 9th update: More diagnosis. The processor board made it in finally from Line 6. It was swapped out. The repair center said everything was working and suggested I bring my HD500 down to the center and hook it up to see if everything was to my liking. The repair center hooked up the VDI cable to the JTV-69 and to the HD500 and the processor board blew up. Upon further inspection, it was determined that another board in the guitar, the input voltage board, was the culprit and was shorting out, thus damaging the processor board. So now I have 2 boards on order to replace the damaged units, 1 processor and 1 input power board. The boards will be to the repair center in 1 to 2 weeks. I am currently in week 7 of this issue. I bought the guitar and haven't had the chance to gig live with it yet. The thought of a flexible, smart, computer guitar sounds great, but I'm wondering if it is still early in the life cycle and that the guitars are too frail to be used as a main guitar option. In any event, I am very disappointed at being bitten by the "early adopter" issues that have surfaced. Very disappointing. I'll update again after the boards are replaced. Bill
  3. I wanted to give an update on this issue with my JTV-69. I sent the guitar to an authorized Line 6 repair center and they found an intermittent issue with a board inside the guitar. The service center verfied that the battery power was working but the VDI cable power was not making it into the guitar. They were trying to isolate the component issue on the board and replace the component but could not isolate it. A new board has been ordered and when it arrives I will update this post. It looks like the guitar will be "in the shop" for at least 4 to 5 weeks total. Not the greatest turnaround, but at least I wasn't hallucinating about the guitar having issues. Anyone else have a bad board? Thanks, Bill (carreracats)
  4. Hi Silverhead, Thank you for the reply and help. I did as you suggested, let the HD500 fully boot up, connect the VDI cable to the HD500 and finally to the JTV-69. I tried switching on no power, no "click". I installed the battery and ran a 1/4" line to the jack and pushed the modeling button and when the light came on the dial I hear a "click". I next did the same exact sequence of events, this time changing the HD500 preset on input 1 to Variax. I engaged the tuner. No signal. Tuner does not work and the guitar does not power up. What do you think? Thanks, Bill (carreracats)
  5. Hello Everyone, I would like some help with a connectivity problem I have with my JTV-69 and my POD HD500. Separately, both the JTV-69 talk with the Line 6 Monkey through their respective USB interfaces. The HD500 I just plug in, it gets recognized and updates to the latest versions of software/firmware. I do the same with my new JTV-69 and I follow the procedure of using the USB interface that came with the guitar. I put in the VDI end of the cable to the guitar, I put the connector end into the USB hub and run the hub line into the USB. I also put in the battery, plug in a 1/4" plug into the end to activate the battery and push on the selector knob and the light comes on. Line 6 Monkey recognizes the guitar and updates everything to the latest and greatest. The problem I have is that the HD500 VDI connection will not power the JTV-69. I positively click in both ends and I get zero power or connectivity. I also tried re-installing the battery, clicking in a 1/4" plug and turning the guitar on, but it still doesn't get recognized by the HD500. There is no signal going to the HD500 or visa versa. I've read about cable problems here, so I purchased another Line 6 VDI cable for the guitar and tried that. Same "no talkie". I also tried (2) known good ethernet cables and they didn't work either. For kicks I tested the L-Ion battery and my multimeter read over 8V. I then tested the VDI output from the HD500 and found 2 pins giving 3.15V each and 1 pin giving over 8V. I then clicked in the original VDI cable to the HD500 and tested the pin outs at the other end. I again found 2 pins with 3.15V and 1 pin with over 8V. I tried this on all of my cables and it appears they are all the same. So, have I confirmed the HD500 has a hot connection at the VDI output or should there be more pins hot? Does the problem lie with my new JTV-69 on the power circuit side since it will talk with the Line 6 Monkey and with the Variax Workbench when connected through the guitar USB interface when using the battery? Is there a procedure I missed to make the HD500 talk with the JTV-69? I did set the inputs for Channel one to Variax, then tried Variax+Guitar, and Variax+Guitar+Aux, etc., on all of the iterations and put channel 2 to "same". I tried Global and Preset (forcing the program) and got nothing. Basically, the JTV-69 will not power up or be recognized by the HD500. Here are some screen shots: On the last screen shot, I manually added the Variax and the icon showed up, but no connectivity occured. I do have the extended warranty on the JTV-69, so I could send it in for a check up...it's just a pain. Anyone have any similar experiences or any answers? Thanks for any help, Bill (carreracats)
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