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  1. Does the Pod need to be powered on in order to charge the transmitter? Doesn't seem right to have the leave the unit powered on just to recharge the transmitter.
  2. Does anybody know when the G70 units will be available once again (in the US)? I have had a unit on order from GC since April. They (GC) told me October 18th was the date but that has come and gone. Now they are saying there is no ETA. I have sent messages to Line 6 but get no replies. This is frustrating.
  3. I ordered a G70 from GC about a month ago. At the time they said the item was on backorder until 4/27. Now they are showing 10/18! Is this for real? a 6 month backorder?
  4. I just updated to 2.20 on Sunday from 2.10. Using Glen DeLaune patches. Have not had any issues until the update. At rehearsal last night my volume kept dropping out. If I moved the volume pedal it would come back. I remember there was a bug similar to this but thought it was resolved. Any suggestions other than rolling back to 2.10 (which I am not opposed to)?
  5. I opened a trouble ticket and after some troubleshooting Line 6 issued an RMA for my unit and replaced it under warranty. The new unit is working flawlessly in the exact same environment that the old one was dropping out in. So there was no way it was a channel interference issue unless the old unit was not choosing a clear channel.
  6. Yes. I've redocked the transmitter but still get the dropouts. The light on the transmitter says on constant green even though the receiver light blinks out.
  7. I am also experiencing brief intermittent dropouts. The white LED on the receiver goes out briefly then comes back on and reconnects to the transmitter. I noticed this since I did the last firmware update. Thinking of rolling back and seeing if the problem continues. The unit has become very unreliable.
  8. I use the Taylor 314 and 814 IR in conjunction with my Schecter Solo 6 E/A (using the piezo pickup) and it sounds pretty good!
  9. I picked up a Behringer KXD-12 keyboard amp from GC to try out with the Helix. I had been running into my DT25 with the pre-amp modeling disabled. That was giving me good tone but the DT cab is very directional. I was considering the Friedman ASM-12 and the new Matrix FR12. Both in the $750+ price range. Someone mentioned the Behringer in another post so I decided to check one out at the local GC. At a price of less than half the others and with similar specs I figured I'd try one at home. Hey if I don't like it I can just take it back. I plugged the Helix in and turned it on. With the Helix volume at 12 o'clock, the input volume (gain) at about 12 o'clock and the master volume on the KXD at about the 10 o'clock position (0 is at the 7 o'clock position for reference) it was loud. Yes I was alone so there was nothing to compete with but I had plenty of headroom to spare. Let me note that when my band plays out I run the XLR out from the Helix to the FOH and the 1/4" to my DT. The DT (or the KXD) is just for me really and to help fill out the backline sound. That being said back to the review.....Right off the bat I was pleasantly surprised. The tones were very good. My acoustic patch suddenly came to life sounding much more natural. My high gain patches sounded better too. Almost sounded more organic which is funny seeing as they are now 100% digital. Tonight will be a better test as it is practice night. Let's see if this can compete with another guitar, a bass and a heavy hitting drummer.
  10. People actually look at the display during startup? I power on the Helix, go power up my amp, then my PA, grab a guitar and plug in. By that time the Helix and everything else is ready to go. ;)
  11. Well I pulled the tubes out of my DT25 combo and put them in the head (and the head tubes in the combo). No popping with the head anymore but the combo started so I guess it's the tubes. :)
  12. My DT25 head is making a popping noise. It just started happening. It takes a couple minutes after turning it on but does it whether I am playing or not. Also can hear it when the volume is turned down. The head is about 18 months old and used regularly for band practice. Any ideas? Tubes maybe? Thanks!
  13. Let me clarify a little. Everyone was saying that when they connect the Helix and DT via L6 that the topology switch goes out so you can't adjust the voicing. With firmware v1.0 I still have control of the switch and can change between I, II, II and IV. I am not controlling this from the Helix but I can control it manually unlike the latest firmware that renders the switch inoperable. I tried setting the pre-amp and cab to none so that I was just using the power tube section but I didn't like the tone. Everything sounded muddy and it didn't mix well with the rest of the band. Now that I am back to v1.0, I set my voicing to IV, gain to 0, bass/mid/treble and channel volume to 12 o'clock, just a touch of presence, and no reverb. I like the tones I get which is all that really matter, right?
  14. UPDATE: I was finally able to get the firmware rolled back! I am using an iConnectivity MIO MIDI adapter. I uninstalled the drivers and reinstalled using the latest from their website. BINGO! I am now back to v1.0 and I have my tones back from my Helix. :lol:
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