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  1. My first Post. Just got my helix 2 days ago and I have hooked up my Mission EP1 L6 to try and control the univibe speed (trying to sort of use it like a Leslie). even though I have assigned EP2 to control the vibe speed it seems that both EPs are controlling the speed. I have the Uvibe on off control assigned to FS4 The same goes for the Wah which I have assigned to EP1 but again both pedals are controlling the sweep. Any advice?
  2. Just got My unit all set up and updated, App version 1.1 and it is sync'd and I can save tones etc... the thing I find lacking is the in ability to edit the sweep and tone of the wah. Am I missing something? I really love the tones I can dial in but the wah is way too brittle sounding. I would like to warm it up and to shorten the sweep then save it. I am new to this forum thing. I have never been a member of any forum so I am not sure what to expect. Any help is greatly appreciated.
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