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  1. I can say now that this indeed works and it works pretty well too if you have good headphones. The 'No Amp' and 'Pre-Tube' amps work really well for this.
  2. Hi. I know the "can I play my bass though this amp?" question has been asked many times and I'm aware of the general consensus. I, too, want to play my bass through my Spider V, but I want to listen through a good quality, full range headset. I just need to record the bass on my computer (and I always use my headset when I do). Will this work just fine since I'm not playing out of the amp's speaker? Thanks.
  3. I had the same problem. I eventually moved to Presonus Studio One and now everything works fine. Sometimes you have to pay to get something working well.
  4. Hi. I've been trying to record the amp via the USB connection straight into my PC then into Cubase LE. But I get sound from the amp and from my computer speakers, and the sound from the computer speakers are delayed just a bit. I'm assuming that since we get a copy of Cubase LE that this is all supposed to work correctly. So what am I doing wrong? Are we supposed to use a recording interface? And if so, how do you connect the Spider amp to it? Confused.
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