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  1. With all the warnings around the Helix 2.8x updates, I wanted to make sure I have the right thing. I downloaded the HX Edit 2.82 for Mac from https://line6.com/getrelease?rid=9314&uid=1649899 , I checked the MD5sum and it does match cb992f884c2cf0c94ea07712a3e3b93e, but when it installs, it says it is 2.81 during the installation process and from the About menu option. I think this is the right version and it just didn't get updated correctly, but I'd like it if someone else could confirm, before I update my firmware and have a mismatch.
  2. To those asking about bootup time... The latest video includes a cold start. Roughly 25 seconds, but as has been pointed out, this is a pre-consumer model, so your mileage may vary.
  3. I find the dates on Musician's Friend interesting Helix: 09-25-2015 Helix Rack Foot Controller: 09-24-2015 Helix Rack: 11-20-2015 The first thing available is the foot controller that won't be able to control it's rack component for 2 more months. :)
  4. A new question for Digital_Igloo I attached my HD500 to a piece of plywood. I opened the case, and replaced the screws in the feet with longer ones that went through the plywood and attached the feet on the bottom of the plywood. Any reason I couldn't do the same with the Helix? In case you ask why. I attached a power strip to the plywood as well, so I could easily turn the HD500 off an on. (Helix at least adds a switch, but I also used that for phone chargers) I also added handles on both sides, which made it much easier to carry around. I left room on the board to add another expression pedal that would always be hooked up (but I haven't bought that yet). I put this in a nice road big road case to carry between gigs. I also always left my cables plugged in and just wrapped up.
  5. Nice. Thanks If polyphonic tuning isn't included on launch, I could choose to route to one of the sends and plug that into a floor tuner. That would be a nice way to handle it too.
  6. +100 for a polyphonic mode. also, +50 for a tuner mode than does not output anything. The crowd doesn't need to hear my tuning. If those aren't there on day one, they are definitely going in ideascale
  7. That is where they were. That's where I saw it was 4lbs more than the HD500. My previous notes have 22.05"x11.85"x3.6" 14.4 lbs, but if it was removed, I guess that is not official.
  8. I thought I saw DI make a reference to an Owner's manual, here or on TheGearPage. I think the quick start sheet is the only thing that's ready. I think they will still have a pilot's guide/owner's manual. Even if they don't plan on it, I think this thread and the one on TheGearPage show the customers need and crave details. I think Line6 wanted to get Helix announced at the Sweetwater event, and it was before the final touches were finished.
  9. I bet Digital_igloo is hoping that when the next "big thing" is released, they have the manuals ready first! :)
  10. Not quite a Helix question, but is there possibly a POD HX Farm VST coming? The Helix Control looks great and would be preferable, but is there a decent setup where the HD500 could be used as the control for Helix Rack? It could be nice to have the HD500 as a backup in case of disaster.
  11. And 4 lb heavier. Wow. Is most of that the unibody aluminum case? or is that much more electronics?
  12. 1. Is there a plan to produce the "Sean Halley" type series of videos to demonstrate what the AMPs and Effects can sound like? The Sweetwater video is a general overview, and for those of us with HD equipment it's 95% review. 2. I know DI said the patches are not convertible from HD500 series, but what about picking the top 50ish rated Customtone patches and providing matching versions? 3. I understand this isn't an AMPLFi, but if we could still have the tone matching abilities to Helix patches, that would be REALLY helpful.
  13. I wonder if every Helix will come with a little spider (13:30 in the vid) when you buy it from Sweetwater... ;)
  14. Hopefully they'll publish the manual soon, so we can get straight clear examples, but I think the integration isn't as nice as the HD500, but still easily workable. It looks like you'd use L6Link, and a midi cable. You would add the MIDI command in the patch to change your DT settings. You can even make a footswitch send a MIDI signal. So you could have a foot switch to flip Pentode/triode on the DT. So, sounds like not perfect, but simple to replicate. I'd suggest to L6 that they include a bunch of demo patches that include this kind of configuration. A simple table of what MIDI commands to send to the DTs for each preamp model. In the desktop editor, include an option to automatically add the appropriate MIDI commands if you have a DT.
  15. With my HD500, the volume of different patches/effects was often WILDLY different, and I know I wasn't the only one that had this issue. (And my band mates gave me hell for it) Is there anything in the Helix setup to try to address that?
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