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  1. Steep

    Ext amp control issue

    Yeah it will maybe do, but i hate workarounds....
  2. Steep

    Ext amp control issue

    Yes, rgx420 Seems like we are both in the same clinch here. I will also consider this a bug, because as long as the Command Center is set to "none" I get channel 1, but as soon as I choose "ext amp" it switches to 01 as you say ;) So for me it´s more like a BIG BUG! PLEASE FIX IT Line6!!!
  3. Steep

    Ext amp control issue

    Ok, thanks for your answer, and I understand that this is not a Line6 problem, but I was wondering if it would be possible for the feature to have a "none" option. It would not harm any third party equipment to have this option available.
  4. Hi I’m using my Helix floor with a 4 channel amp and controlling it with the «ext amp» triggers. So the amp needs to its stereojack footswitch control input: Channel 1 - none are connected Channel 2 - tip-sleeve connected Channel 3 - ring-sleeve connected Channel 4 - tip-ring-sleeve connected The problem is that to set the amp in channel 1, I need the output to be completely open. Meaning there should be no connection between the tip-ring-sleeve. Or 1 and to as the output refers to. But as soon as I choose the «instant 1» in the «command center» it connects tip-sleeve (or 1) There should be an option for «none»!!! Next firmware Line6?? It seems like the «instant» is based per snapshot which is what I’m using. Any help appreciated
  5. Hi. Can’t find any info on the impedance og the two XLR’s L+R out? And do they adjust when changing from «mic» to «line» on the global setup? Or is that only a volumething? I’m thinking about adding some transformers to avoid phantompower to reach the Helix and want the impedance to match the outputs.
  6. I cleared all my Line6 software/programs and installed Software 1.07. That made me load up fw v1.10, and then I worked my way up through all the fw's. Worked for me :-)
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