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  1. So bummed by this I'm either going to relegate my brand new hd500x to being a midi controller for my Eleven Rack or just send it back. A digital unit that cant do reliable digital out seems absurd.
  2. I'm using OSX and an HD500X upgraded to the latest firmware. When using garageband with the HD500X connected via USB, the sound quality is terrible. It is distorted badly compared to plugging headphones directly into the HD500X. I've lowered the OS X input level in system utilities to make sure I'm not clipping. I'm using garageband for monitoring and master and track levels are correct. I've also made sure I'm using a "real instrument" and not adding anything to the audio. So checked all the obvious stuff. I owned an HD500 before the 500X and there was a known issue with audio via USB where it was unusable because of noise on the input. Something about a chipset conflict or incompatibility. I ended up having to use analog out from the HD500. So I'm wondering if this is the same issue with the HD500X that is still unresolved? Anyone else having this same issue or have any insights to share? Thanks, Mark.
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