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  1. I updated from high Sierra to Mojave and now it works perfect. Must of been some sort of bug or something.
  2. anymore on this as I have the same problem? getting sick and tired of it at this stage no error comes up for me installed with monkey and have tried package install. A joke
  3. Iv read many of the forums in the last few days I have tried many times to download the drivers from the monkey but my problem is when I go to the system preferences there is no message about accepting the software and I also get no message about saying its blocking the software from installing. iv even tried downloading just the driver on its own but this doesn't work either. keeps saying its installed but won't work. any ideas how I can get this driver to work? or how to get the monkey to download them? I have also tried the kext-consent disable but had no luck.
  4. I am having the same problem with my MBP the monkey can tell the pod is connected to the laptop but when I download the drivers they do not install. Very annoying
  5. I cannot get the drivers to install on my line 6 monkey running high Sierra this seems to be a right pain in the lollipop
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