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  1. Don't even waste your time on the Sonic Port XV. I just got mine out after it being packed away for a year and they still haven't fixed anything and gotten it working right. I just did sign in to see if there's a slime chance of news but.....nothing. I'm certainly not buying anything Line6 anymore.
  2. Anyone have any good experience with other iOS interfaces, life moves too fast to sit around and wait on these clowns to fix the problems. I can at least use the Pod Farm on my PC.
  3. After the latest iOS update I've heard my guitar intermittently when starting PodFarm on my Ipad, then Podfarm crashes. So maybe getting a step closer.
  4. I've had Mobile POD for a while now. I just got an IPad and have been using Mobile POD on my IPod and IPhone but with the. IPad I can't get it the full version that I p urchased. What am I missing to get it working in full version or do I have to purchase another ?
  5. Thanks, that took care of the app still running on exit. I did know about the Sonic Port still running even when the apps are closed out due to it running as an sound interface. So far no luck on the IPod, 20 reinstalls later and it will still crash when opened every time. I'd prefer using the IPod over the phone so the phone battery is charged for when I go to work.
  6. They need to do some thing, it's turned into junk. It doesn't work on my IPod, It won't shut down all the way on my IPhone. I have to restart my phone so it doesn't drain the battery. They at least need to respond and let their paying customer know what is going on and what time frame it maybe resolved.
  7. 3 times deleting and reinstalling on the IPod and it still crashes. IPhone it opens but won't close out the app unless the IPhones restarted. red banner still on the home screen. If I wanted to have to keep deleting and reinstalling apps I'd of still been using an IKMultimedia product.
  8. It works on my IPhone 5c, the user interface is let's say unique :\
  9. Crashing on my Ipod too, I'll try my IPhone next.
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