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  1. Drag and drop works fine - took me a while to realise you have to drag down to remove an effect. I get pops and clicks unless I run the audio buffer on 20ms - which is a bit high. I'm sure I was able to run it on 10ms before the update. Sometimes I load it up and change it to 10ms and it's OK. Really miss being able to toggle effects from the 'virtual' stomp switches. If you haven't updated yet make a backup of 1.7 - on the Mac it's under iTunes, iTunes Media, Mobile Applications. If you have got 1.7 I'd love a copy vcf2@tesco.net - thanks
  2. Still very surprised that there is still no phaser in Mobile Pod. I was hoping for one in the update - a version of the MXR Phase 90 would be nice. Just surprised that there is no phaser of any kind in Mobile Pod - what does everyone else think?
  3. Yes I second that - anyone who hasn't updated yet will still have 1.7 ipa on their computer. I'm hoping if I can get hold of a copy I can replace V2.0 - maybe Line 6 can send me a copy? vcf2@tesco.net - just hoping :)
  4. I would recommend backing up your earlier version if possible before updating. I downloaded the update and don't like it for the following reasons: 1) GUI is completely different - way too modern, Ableton? Prefer the effects and amps to look 'real' But more importantly....... 2) You cannot switch effects of by tapping them. You have to select the effect first, then select on/off from new window. So there's no 'stomp' switch on the effects. So that's 2 actions rather than one. Compare with Tonestack where I can turn multiple effects on/off with one press. Apart from the Audio Energy beam there is little difference. I had no problems with the old interface despite using it on an iPad mini and I'm not very good generally with touch screens. Plus point - you can change buffer size inside the app.
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