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  1. I just acquired a used Spider V 240. It sounds great as a guitar amp. Really good. However, If I play music through it, from my iPhone or MacBook, the EQ is not good. It is lacking in the high frequencies, as if all the music is playing through the 12" speakers and not through the tweeters (But it is playing through the tweeters). Is there an EQ setting for music playback? I was hoping it was going to sound good as a music playback device, as they have advertised. I hope there is a way to fix this?
  2. I've got a Godin Multiac Steel and I have the problem of a real high pitched noise / feedback mixed in with the guitar tone. Might be a magnetic field from the G10 getting into the mic on the Multiac. Would love to solve this issue. The G10 works perfect on my Les Paul, but it has passive electronics, not active.
  3. TexLefty65 - Thanks a lot! I never used PODFarm as ToneDirect and it seems to work great. However, I'm running into a licensing issue - I'm using my old UX1 and PODFarm2.5. The PODFarm Standalone doesn't seem like think the UX1 is authorized even though I've paid for PODFarm several times and it is authorized on my MacBookPro. It will let me run the trial software for now.
  4. I have a MacBookPro and UX2 and in the past (before Yosemite) have used GearBox software to control the ToneDirect monitoring (for example listen with a pre-amp and reverb while recording dry into Logic). But GearBox is not supported anymore, yet Line6 still supports ToneDirect monitoring. How do we use ToneDirect Monitoring without GearBox?
  5. I heard that this is a bug and they know about it. Please create a support ticket if you haven't already. Hopefully this will be fixed soon.
  6. I have the exact same issue after installing the new drivers. I can't see any inputs in Logic except 1&2 and they are wet. I only record dry mono signals while monitoring a wet signal off the PODX3. I can't record - I'm at a dead stop. I hope this is a simple fix. I was hoping to get a lot of recording done during the holidays.
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