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  1. I don't remember if I plugged it back in. If it happens again I will try this. Thanks.
  2. So if I turn off power to the G10 after the bassist selects his channel then the G10 should select a channel that Is not being used?
  3. The last 3 shows I have had problems with my G10 interfering with my bass players G50. I have had my guitar coming through his bass amp, my guitar coming through both my amp and his bass amp, and have had the bass signal come through my amp. Since there is no way to change channels on the G10, he has had to change channels on his wireless. I though this was not supposed to happen. Is there a solution?
  4. If they implemented a strobe tuner it would likely be more stable as well. Maybe.
  5. I had problems the other night. I would hit the note and tuner would go from 2 bottom bars to the left with no top bar and then swing to 3 bars to the left without me touching the guitar. I was wondering if it might be related to the new firmware as I hadn't seen it act this bad since I have owned it.
  6. Have you tried Helix Native to see if you can use that?
  7. Sounds like time for a different modeller.
  8. They exist. I have some in my back yard.
  9. It's not that the factory cabs are bad. But there are some really great OwnHammer IRs out there.
  10. A common solution for flubby bass on some models is to reduce the bass prior to the amp and then add it back after the amp.
  11. The main reason that it sounds bad is that the harmonizer is before the amp. Time and pitch based effects need to go after the amp. That is the whole reason for effects loops.
  12. Is there any way that I can switch to a lead sound using the expression pedal. What would be ideal would be to say have snapshot8 be selected when expression pedal is in the up position and snapshot0 when in the down position. But any way I can accomplish something similar would be great. I have some really short leads and am not good at having to use 2 switches that quickly.
  13. Phil, Is there any plans to do user-defined harmonies? This feature would be very important to me as I use it fairly often. Thanks, Billy
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