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  1. I did solve this using the Yamaha device and by simply writing a command into the top of each song in OnSong that corresponded with the patch I needed. The command sits under the title and metadata of the song and simply reads "MIDI: CC32:005 PC:023. This is an example and will change based on bank and patch. This was life changing and when playing live I simply flip OnSong to the next song and the POD takes care of itself. There is a little bit of work involved in making sure the Yamaha device is connected to the iPad but it takes only seconds and now I do it without thinking. I would be happy to post in more detail the equipment, apps and process if you think it would help. Scrolling etc is possible but ridiculous fiddly and I actually found it problematic. Now I don't need my feet to change patches on the POD, I simply use an Airturn pedal for start/stop/scroll etc.
  2. Thanks for this - I will check it out.
  3. I have a POD HD500X and I am trying to work out how to link it to an iPad for use with the OnSong app. So ultimately the plan would be to have commands written into OnSong via the metadata that would change the bank/patch on the POD for each song as required. I am understanding there may also be an opportunity to use the POD to send commands back to OnSong such as scrolling up/down etc. (at the moment I use an AirTurn pedal via Bluetooth so I could get rid of this). For anyone kind enough to respond, I have only very basic understanding of MIDI and use an iPad 4 running iOS 10.3.2. I am guessing I need something that converts both MIDI in (patch change) and MIDI out (scrolling in OnSong) to Apple lightning? I am in Australia where the cost of some things can be a little high so I don't want to waste money (and time - things take a while to ship here...) and would like some advice on what accessories would be needed to make it work now and into the future. I understand only the Helix works via USB so this leaves me stuck with MIDI ports on the HD500X for now. Thanks for any advice/links etc.
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