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  1. Great comments, Thanks! But back to the other technical question: Fletcher-Munson or NOT for Front of House ? Realizing that every room needs a different FOH EQ, (200 to 500 seat club settings) and one is using in-ear monitors, should your guitar EQ be set to compensate for the 'Fletcher-Munson' effect for delivery through FOH?
  2. I'll have to have that chat with the sound guy (if I try the XLR mic level thing with volume knob just for 1/4" outs), and hopefully my output does not have any clipping issues. Thanks!
  3. Great point on thoughts to change my paradigm, as to not worry so much about FOH, Helix should translate good if my stage sound is good. Thanks
  4. I've been using Audacity to check levels, I'm not sure of any other free DAW programs. Thanks!
  5. Hey I may try your suggestion (set the XLR out to a Mic signal level and configure it to not use the Helix master volume.) which gives me the stage adjustment volume knob without affecting FOH volume, however I believe that this sends a signal as if the volume knob is turned all the way up, .. hopefully my output does not have any clipping issues. Again to clarify, I change the XLR to a MIC output in global settings?
  6. My First post here and I'm sure that similar questions have been asked regarding dialing in tone for "FOH vs FRFR Cab", and when to consider Fletcher-Munson as a factor. Number 1 sound concern for me is that the best possible tone is going to the FOH mixer/PA so that the sound guy needs to do minimal EQing but just volume leveling and my guitar sounds warm and crunchy. I am loving my Helix (8 months) but I want to take experimenting and guess work out of tweaking my tones for club gigs performances. I have been building patches and EQing through my Atomic CLR or my Sony headphones and realize that the stage situation/volume will deliver to my ears something different from what I had originally built, perhaps the Fletcher-Munson phenomenon is at work here. (bass boomy or not, highs shrill or not, different rooms etc.) I can take into account this and adjust the EQ so my live stage sound is cool to my ears but it might be at the detriment of what i am sending to the FOH, (not really sure but maybe). I also want a god stage tone but am reluctant to put Fletcher-Munson 10-band EQ into each patch for fear what it will do to FOH signal, (or does FOH also need the Fletcher-Munson curve to guitar signals?). I don't have a PA available to tweak on, no time to tweak at sound check but I want a way to build tones/EQ at home that will sound good through FOH, as I'm less concerned with the stage sound because I may be going in-ear monitor for up-coming shows. 1) My 'Dream-world' Question, what headphones or EQ or monitor or 'tool' will represent live FOH sound delivery while I am making tones and rehearsing at home? 2) Question is for anyone who has live experience with Aomic CLR. I have been using the CLR wedge in "TILT" setting (not BL or FF). Which one of these settings (FF, TILT or BL) is closest to FRFR, or closest to how the FOH will deliver the guitar frequencies? Your comments and wisdom are appreciated, Cheers!
  7. I have followed this, working on a new windows 10 laptop, highest resolution, but still can't see the last few parameters without scrolling down to the last few. I've seen many youtube helix videos where the parameter bars are narrow and all can be seen in the open window screen. This is not a big problem for me, just a convenience thing in editing. Any helpful comments are appreciated. Cheers!
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