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  1. yeah. I really never understood why that is.. It allways seemed so narrowminded to me..
  2. sheesh!. did this thread just turn into a "i dont like apple products, therefore its bad" -thread?? I do love to see ppl who have no idea of programming shout their heads off about things they no nothing about.
  3. Quadcabby - I couldnt agree with you more on the Apple part.
  4. couldnt agree more. I absolute love this piece of gear :). I really enjoy that even if you are setting up the band from scratch, the preset setups for the different kinds of voices and instruments sounds absolutely great. I must admit that I too have had some concerns about this mixer, seeing all the posts about errors with it here. but its all gone the second i boot my mixer ;)
  5. people generally only post whenever they have some kind of problem, so its a pretty distorted picture if you only look at that side of it. I guess if you should get a more correct picture of things, you would have to somehow get the total amount of M20D mixers sold Worldwide and subtract the number of people with problems/broken hardware from this board and FB board. you would then end up with a more correct picture to decide if Theres any causes to worry about. :)
  6. "That's all to the advantage of Line6 and not to the consumers." - wrong.. it not to the advantage to consumers who doesnt own and iPad.. "Also, I don't agree with points 3 and 4, point 2 is irrelevant since there's no way to control the M20D using an iPhone" - rumors have it that there will be a "light" version to be used on iPhone.
  7. I wouldnt get my hopes up. as mentioned several times on the forum, M20D is not intended to be used as a Audio interface. I dont think the hardware is capable of processing the audio as fast as needed for use as a audio interface.
  8. Guess you can record to an SD Card, and then import the file to your DAW from the SD Card. Makes it alittle more difficult, but its better that nothing :)
  9. I have kind off the same problem. connection drops out and comes back online. The difference is that mine comes back online almost immediately. Its still really annoying tho. I found that if i "forget the Network" on the ipad, and then reconnect to it, at the beginning of the show, the problem is gone. it comes back the next time im connecting to the Network, but at least i know how to get around it. :)
  10. I cant see how its much easier to go to a shop, figure out that it doesnt work and the go back to return and get a new one....4 times.. :blink: . I dont want to be a smartass or anything, but youre taking the long route to a solution thats already found :). The way I see it is, you paid a nice amount of gold for this great mixer, but when it comes to the options for it you want to take the "cheap" way, to save a couple of bucks? its really not worth the hazzle. :)
  11. I seem to remember line 6 recommending not more than 3 or 4 ipads at one time. more than this will eat up the bandwith.
  12. I havent seen my airport since we installed it in our mixer rack ;) , but I seem to remember a USB port on it. would it not be useable in the same way as youre doing with the moshi?
  13. Im sad to report that I have also had some monitor-seems-to-live-its-own-life trouble. I am the only one in the band operating the mixer. we made our soundcheck as usual, and all was well. I saved everything and we powered down. when we came back to do the gig, the drummer complained that his monitor sounded really bad. I then saw that there suddenly was alot of FX in his monitor mix. sometimes the monitor is turned all the way down when i power up the mixer. other times its where it was when i saved the setup/scene.
  14. remember to make sure you have your router set to DHPC/NAT and not set to BRIDGE mode.
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