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  1. Hi all, Not sure if this is the right place to put this topic, however am going to try and do it anyway. I have a question and a request. I will start with my Question... I have the Standard version of POD Farm 2.5, was contemplating upgrading to Platinum but for $199.00 all I seem to really be getting is the two model packs I am missing. Am I missing something here? Now for my request, I am really only looking for the following two model packs; Classics and Metal Shop and was wondering if there were some Line 6 users out there who were willing to sell/transfer their license to me at a reduced cost? I am currently looking at the two power pack and both would currently run me $100. Anyone??? Thanks in advance... Mike
  2. I am in the same position as demelero here. I have a need to acquire a USB Interface and cannot seem to find one available anywhere? I know a number of major music chains carry it but they all state that they are out of stock or coming soon. Is there a somewhere on the forum that I cango to post a wanted ad or see if others have some working interfaces for sale? Thanks, Mike
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