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  1. Thanks for the advice. I managed to get everything set up right... Studio/direct does seem to be the best choice... Although even when you select no cab the HD series mic selected still color the tone but not it a terrible or very bad way.... I just got the EPSi this morning and I LOVE IT! It really does breath life into the thing and my clean patches and distorted patches actually sound much better and realistic... PLUS THE SUSTAIN.. Wow... i only loaded just a couple redwirez cabs in an Orange PPC 4X12 with royer on cap and I tried a Marshall 1960 B with a shure sm57 and this is my favorite so far.. Anyone interested or want to know more just ask.. btw should i have the switch selector for input set to 1/4' or amp?
  2. Hey Line 6 community, I'm looking to get more miles out of my POD HD 500 for the years to come, and I've wanted to add an EPSi into my signal chain for quite some time now. Well the time has finally come and I wanted some suggestions or advice. The obvious reason for this stompbox is for custom Impulse Responses for cabinet and Mic replacement, so I just want to make sure I'm going about the setup and signal chain right. I use studio/direct output mode currently (before the EPSi), and I record via the S/pdif out of the POD HD into my Mbox interface and then to Pro Tools. I've read other forums on here with users who have used the EPSi and they chose to use "Stack front" and the other user suggested "AMP" output mode and said it's the 'better suited output mode for the EPSi'... I just want to verify if this is true or if it's personal preference? My goal is to make my setup the same for Studio and Live use... so I'd like to stick with one mode and wonder which one will be best?... I NEVER intend to connect this setup to a real guitar cab.. ONLY FRFR monitors or direct FOH if used in a live situation. Secondly I'm assuming the best bet is to put this in the FX loop of the HD 500 as suggested by others... I feel like a noob asking, but what is the best way to connect it with the fx loop? The Logidy Epsi has a L/R IN and a L/R out. So would my chain be like: POD HD> EPSi's output Left> into the POD'S FX LOOP> and then just my guitar connect thru the Guitar IN of the POD HD? or is that wrong? Also, when I add the FX loop BLOCK in the signal chain, I should place it right after the AMP, right?... I know never before the amp of course; but it should go right after not all the way at the end of the signal chain, correct? Some people have said this EPSi can clip or be pretty hot and has no clip indicator, but some have suggested turning the Loop Send down -10db and boosting the Return +10db. This reason is why I'm concerned about the OUTPUT mode. Other great random suggestions from users is using the Pre-Amp models over the Full models. Another user suggested turning down the D.E.P to get more control over the actual amp parameters.I read of other's in the past of having good and bad experiences with this stompbox, but ultimately, it's because everyone has different gear and different expectations and I know what to expect with IRs... I just want to make sure I'm accommodating the Logidy EPSi with my setup correctly so I don't have a bad experience with it like some Line 6 users have with their POD HD'S. Thanks for your time in advance... P.S. Anyone using IR's with their POD'S presently, feel free to share which ones have helped augment and improve your POD HD tonally. Once I get the EPSi in the mail and set it up correctly, I plan to load it with my favorite Redwirez IR'S from the Big Box series...
  3. Starwaves

    More Model Packs?

    Diezel Herbert, Marshall JCM8000, and Engl Special Edition E 670 would be cool.
  4. While searching the net today for more demos of the new amp models, I stumbled across this site that was demoing the 5150 and other new models from the Metal Pack. POD HD 500 X Metal Update Vol.1 5150 demo https://youtu.be/_39hi4ViKJk Guitar only Demo of their presets with new Amp Models https://youtu.be/jo0rXZrQuVY I've never heard of Choptones before but I figured I'd share this because they demo the new amp models on youtube, and offer their own 12 patches. The following is Copy and Pasted from their site: Choptones Metal Update Vol.1 for Line6 Pod HD 500 X In this new pack we engineered 12 patches using 3 of the new amp simulation (Peavey 5150 block logo / Line 6 Purge/ Line 6 Fat Bottom). Patch list: 5051-DOUBLE (Double hard panned Peavey 5150, pure intense Peavey sound) 5051-G12T75 (Double hard panned Peavey 5150, boosted through a standard Marshall 4x12 ab) 5051-MIDFOCUS (5150 and post-eq, great for modern metal rhythm) 5051-MIDFOCUS2 ( Same as above but with different eq and sound shaping) 5051-UBER ( 5150 with Ubercab for extra low-ends) PURGE-SATAN (Great Line6 amp simulation, remind at new Randall amp production) SATAN-5051-SOLO (Line6 Purge + 5150 and Delay for a smooth great sounding lead guitar) SATAN-5051 (Line6 Purge + 5150 for hard metal riffing) RANDY-RHY (Line6 Purge, nice scooped tone for rhythm) RANDY-RHY2 (Same as above, different cabs) FAT-SCOOP (Line 6 Fat bottom, great big distorted tone) FAT-SCOOP2 (Same as above, different mice and settings) N.B. You need HD Model Pack - Metal Pack enabled in your POD for use this patches! With the release of the v2.6 firmware update Line 6 provides the access to new amp models packs. Pod HD owners can expand their rigs purchasing 3 different amp model packs. The Metal Model Pack includes models based on modern heavy gain amps, the Vintage Model Pack includes models of rare vintage classics, and the Bass Model Pack features a select line-up of bass amps
  5. I'm thrilled to hear of all the new amp models, especially the ones in the Metal Pack, however I'm kinda bummed about the fact that there are no new cabs or mics available for most of these amps. I'm one of the POD HD users that wishes for the ability to load 3rd party impulse responses, but after reading a post by Digital Igloo it seems that the POD's hardware is unable to accommodate 3rd party cab or mic sims. So since this isn't really much of an option, in the future it would be nice to see Line 6 create new cab and mic packs in the future to be able to further expand the tonal possibilities of creating patches for live and recording purposes. Thoughts?
  6. I'm happy they have added these new models and are providing them to us POD HD users. I'm willing to wait especially if they can smooth out some bugs before they get in the customers hands'.
  7. Thanks for your input. I do use multi band eq's in Pro Tools to try and find the bad spots and cut them if needed, and I always use a HPF, usually cutting around 100hz for the purpose of allowing the bass and kick to breath like you said in the mix. I'm a fan of trying to save on CPU power so utilizing the POD EQ is always more favorable. I do like to use the parametric eq and cut out around the 70 - 80% range because it seems to be around that sizzle area. I've also delved in to external impulses like redwirez and though they are great IR's, the seem really thin and harsh in the mix with the POD and MIX IR 2 (impulse loader). Plus IR loaders are CPU hogs, so I'm actually back to using stock Cabs.. Usually the XXL cab for high gain amps, like most metal/hard rock users choose. It is justt more simpler and convenient and I've heard plenty of guys getting good results with stock cabs despite all the complaints of how most users regard them lacking and problematic. I tend to use my DAW for Reverb and Delays so I can free up more fx blocks on the POD for eq and noise gates etc.
  8. Hey POD users, I'm posting this to kinda get a general idea of how everyone approaches EQing for recording as opposed to live patch EQing. I'm familiar with Meambobo's guide and it is a great resource, but I was looking to start a topic on this to hear what other users do to make their patches have more separation in a mix, and what others recommend. I know that the mid focus and the parametric EQs are a big help in getting there.. so maybe you guys could post your "ball park" settings to achieve certain cuts, boosts, or HP and LP applications to help achieve a better mix. From my experience it seems like the POD has a very fizzy and sizzle characteristic in the high gain amp models (dual rec, uber, f-ball) in the 2 - 3khz range. as well as above the 5khz range. Perhaps others can point out other problematic things that can be solved with EQ dialed in specifically for a mix correction; like fizz, sizzle, boom and flubby tonal characteristics. What are your go to EQ's and settings for boosting good frequencies for the guitars to sit better in the mix? Lastly, I was also curious at what level do you set your peaks in your DAW to leave enough head room for mixing? currently right now my patches are peaking in the -10db to -6db range. Are these peaks ideal? thanks for your time and hope this is of interest and help to others.
  9. Could you guys describe how you hook the Epsi upwith the POD HD 500? I'm really interested in getting one after hearing your results with them. I have all the Redwirez BIG BOX IR's and I would love to use them with this unit instead of MIX IR2 to reduce CPU on my computer and to have good cab IR options for Live use.. How many IR can been used at once and how many adjustment parameters are available when you upload Ownhammer or Redwirez IR's?
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