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  1. Where do I get documentation that covers parameters of modules? I assume each different module will have different parameters that can be programmed. I have not found a manual for this information.
  2. I have a need to control a filter by expression pedal. Can the Otto Filter be controlled this way?
  3. Can we add our own potentiometer to a module?
  4. Is otto filter the only choice of filter modules?
  5. There is a way to make it easier to actuate. However, it probably will void the warranty. One is remove the pedal and remove the rubber bumper near the front. Two is remove the rubber bumper and from the back side drill out some of the material. Put the drilled-out bumper back in. The sticky tape they use should still adhere well. Note that without a bumper the metal switch inside will make a loud noise. Louder than before. If you hook up in studio direct mode then no problem. But if you are on microphones watch out. It's loud and more of a metallic thump than a click. One other way to get rid of this very annoying issue is to go inside and change the switch. Again, don't do any of this if you value your warranty.
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