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  1. Yes same here , have been waiting for the Variax Work bench to work on Mac OSX for ages , it must be a simple fix?
  2. Hi on the same topic of G10 , I have an old variax 500 , do I still need to put batteriies in the guitar if I want to use it wirelessly with the G10 ?
  3. Im seeing the same , I haven't used my Workbench interface for years but when i try to update the usb drivers it says it "could not establish a connection - please check your cables- I have both green lights on the interface - It looks like its just not compatible?
  4. Hi I need some help trying to use my UX2 with Pro tools 11 First Question will it actually work with just the Ux2 to record direct into pro tools with out POD Farm ( V1) I see from other posts that POD Farm does seem to be AAX compatible if i were trying to use it . Is POD Farm 2.5 compatible?. I have apogee jam interface that I've ben trying to use as an input but then to use the UX2 as an output but that doesn't seem to work either. I tried to set it up as a Pro tools Aggregate I/O device as per apogee instructions but i need to have the output come out of UX2. Spending far too much time on this , I'm hoping its something simple I'm not doing Any ideas? Thanks
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