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  1. Me thinks you ran the wrong amount of Ohms from the head to cab and toasted your head.
  2. Got the Spider IV 212, after having been a previous owner of a spider I and II back in the day its staggering how far modelling with solidstate has come. I think my 6505+ might be getting some rest a while.
  3. The "Deftones" button on the amp is about spot on up to Koi No Yokan's tone. It also translates nicely at high volumes. My spider IV might make my 6505+ collect some dust.
  4. As I was saving for a Spider IV 212 a flextone III XL showed up at the store used that I could get right away, are there any cons on choosing a flextone over the spider IV like the older spiders being based off the POD 2 vs POD 3.0?
  5. After getting a chance to test the 212 valve and the Spider 4 212 with a drummer I was floored with how far the solidstate has come. Granted the Valve was decidedly closer to my 6505+ the solidstate was very close in terms of quality with a bit of harshness. I was a previous owner of a Spider 2 amp and am honestly floored by how far modeling has come. Great product guys. Here in about 2 weeks I will have a Spider 4 212 on order with the shortboard.
  6. Oh to specify I guess I'm very used to the sound of a 6505+ I don't mind if it can exactly replicate it but I would like to get close.
  7. I have an aging Peavey Special 212 with a zoom g9.2tt for my effects, that is starting to develop problems as my backup amp. I have decided on Line 6 as my new backup amp. However I am torn I have a pretty nice main rig but for smaller venues and nights I feel lazy enough not to lug a 412. My 2 choices right now are the Spider IV 150 212 and the Spider Valve 212. I have tried both in store and was impressed by both but since I was attempting to be mindful of those around me I couldnt give either a proper test. Any feedback from anyone familliar with both models? Also I have a nice assortment of speakers at my house I was wondering if swapping the speakers voided warranty.
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