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  1. It's ovation elite, op-pro system. I was eye-balling Marshall's as100d. Good reviews.
  2. Thanks for the replys, and you're right. spent the weekend playing my new ovation thru the spider, and I agree. The spider doesn't seem to capture the dynamic range of an acoustic.
  3. Has anyone tried this and if so, how did it sound?
  4. The 'Stang has a 100w 1x12 combo. My dad picked up one just this past weekend.
  5. I've run outside effects by plugging directly into the input jack with nice results. Of course, I put the amp on clean red, eqs neutral, no effects, and let the outside effects do the work, but it turned out good.
  6. I've spent all yesterday afternoon trying. The closest I got was with the phaser, but still off by a long shot. Just gotta look elsewhere I guess.
  7. Wondering if anyone has taken a stab at the lead sound on Frampton comes alive. I know PF used an actual leslie to get that sound, but I'm wondering if the univibe or flanger on the spider IV might get close. Billy Duffy had a similar sound on the Cult's sonic temple cd.
  8. I agree with the last 2 posts. Squire has made improvements in the QC dept in the last few years. And epiphone les paul or dot guitar (epi's version of a 335) might be something to consider as well. I'm not familiar with the 15 watter, But I'm sure that if you crank a bit and go to some of the more classic amp settings, you can get some decent, warm blues settings.
  9. I don't know if you can disable the amps, But if you go to manual mode, set the spider on clean red (a clean marshall sound), you can turn all effects off and should be able to use the mxr pedal. If it still sounds bad, you may want to play with the eqs from both the MXR and the amp, or you can try different amp modelings from the spider. Just make sure all distortion is off the amp model you're using because the full bore probably has the most brutal distortion on a pedal that I have heard, and may not play well with others (pardon the pun).
  10. well, it makes no matter. Ej's tones is impeccable anyway
  11. Yeah, I usually go middle with the tone wide open. I thought EJ used a 335 to record Cliffs
  12. The abrupt switching is something that's hard to deal with in a live setting. I tend to use a certain amount of delay in various presets, and it sure would be nice to hear that "residual hangover" when switching presets.
  13. I'm using a Mexican fender HSS w/ rosewood fretboard. That and an epiphone tribute les paul are the only guitars I have that are worth anything.
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