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  1. What a great old thread. I was getting worry with my pod xt live. same symptoms. Now i know the work around. Strange problem.1 Thanks.
  2. NunoP

    X3 Pro - no Variax

    wires inside the unit, right? Anyway its strange that monkey only sees the VAriax if iam in X3 safe mode. I think i better try to get my money back from the seller. :( I was so happy to get one of these units
  3. NunoP

    X3 Pro - no Variax

    Found out how to start in safe mode. It does same tests. Variax, Midi and Pedalboard tests failed. (I have no pedalboard connected só i don´t know if one is needed for this test). Same other tests run ok. But the funny thing is that if i start in safe mode i can see my variax with line6 monkey. I can check its firmware/software. But i get no Sound of it also. Started again in normal mode and no sound and no monkey for my Variax. It may be a hardware issue. I think there must be a way to make a "harder reset" and find out the answer.
  4. NunoP

    X3 Pro - no Variax

    Hi, Pins look ok and iam not using SPDIF. I don´t know what else to try,
  5. Hi, i got a used X3 pro and was happily trying it. Everything was going well, guitar and mics but when i connect my variax i got no sound. I checked the imput and reinstalled the flash firmware and still nothing. I checked the plug and it was physically ok. Plugged to variax to my XT live and it worked as normal. So i guess something is wrong. Is there any kind of "hard factory reset" that may solve it? Anyone know how to solve?
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