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  1. Thanks, rchibnik. Customtone on the Line6 website (line6.com) is awesome. The only problem is that there is just TOO MANY tones - but that is a good problem rather than a bad one!!!
  2. I cut it down to 25 feet. I have enough to make 3 cables now!
  3. Thought I would share my cable that I built to replace the cheap one provided with my JVT 89 Guitar. I got the Neutrik connectors from Parts Express www.parts-express.com part # 092-181. The cool thing about these connectors is that they can be installed on existing RJ-45 cables. The actual cable came from Amazon.com listed under "Aurum Cables - Cat5e Network Ethernet Cable (75 Feet - Red Braided)". I shortened it to 25 ft by cutting it and adding an RJ-45 connector. Total cost was about $30.00. It is much better than the supplied cable and works great.
  4. A while back I ask the question if an external sequencer could control the master volume of the POD HD500 using the MIDI CC 7 and was told that this had not been implemented yet. Just checking to see if this has now been implemented?
  5. I have a JTV-89 and POD HD 500. Since I do a lot of cover music I am looking for specific sounds - like AC/DC "Shook Me All Night" guitar sound, and Bon Jovi "Livin on a Prayer", etc.. I know I can create these, and I have done a few, but is there a library out there (or can we start one) to share???
  6. I just bought a JTV-89 to use with my Pod HD500 - I updated all the software on the Pod and Guitar and It is a great rig. I use the VDI cable because I want the guitar setting to be controlled by the Pod HD500. I send a MIDI Program change from my sequencer and it sets up not only the Pod HD500 but the guitar also. I just hate the cord. I know I can use a guitar wireless rig thru the 1/4" analog output and get the sounds from the guitar but I do not get the control of the settings like you do with the VDI cable. It is soooo easy to save a new Pod HD500 Program with all the Variax settings and when you start your new song on the sequencer, you don't have to touch any controls on the guitar. Any plans on wireless VDI???? Also, a while back I wrote to see if you could use the MIDI CC 7 (volume control) on the Pod HD500 and that was not implemented yet. Does anybody know if that has now been implemented? I would like to control the master volume of the Pod HD500 from the sequencer sending MIDI control signals. Thanks, Joebar23
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