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  1. True, just got my M5, everything is impressively simple and tweakable. I only regret you can't create new sounds, in this case an editor wouldve been perfect. Like the one from tcelectronics toneprints, i have a 'flashback' delay and I can tweak it to the maximum with the editor they supply. I've created in the editor some pretty cool delays and choruses that couldn't exist without it. So, I guess an editor is important
  2. Thanks for the replies! I stumbled upon this topic so I think I'll take phil_m's word, I'm getting myself an M5. Such a shame that it doesn't have an editor, if it had I'd easily pay 50 extra bucks on it
  3. Hi! I've been thinking for some time on buying the FM4, but there's no room in my case. Fortunally, there's the M5, but does anyone know whether it sounds just as good as the FM4 or is there any degrade due to the shorter size? Is the circuit the same? And also, just to know if I must buy it or think some more, would I be able to mix effects? (from what I read no, but couldn't I - since it's all digital - mix 2 fx in some Pc/Mac console into a new preset and then upload it to the M5? This would be amazing, an editor like Eventide and Tc electonic are now providing) Thanks a lot for the attention!
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