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  1. Okay so i got very good news. What I believe is that i got my tone back.. i totally forgot about the studio-live switch.. :D i feel so dumb because i had to struggle months with that and then suddenly I had remembered that i have that switch.. But many thanks for you guys, all the best. "It sounds like you are going into amp channel input. Best go in power amp in or FX return." Yeah, thanks for that info aswell. I will use this input from now on!
  2. Thanks, i really needed help with those amp channels in the back. Now i can try it out, so atleast during rehearsal i might get something better out of it. And no, i can't ask that friend for help. I will post again when i have something new about this issue. Thank you!
  3. Im glad i got some responses, but the new guitar player has great tone. What can I remember is that it was a new place where i had rehearsed and just put cable from L/MONO to amp's guitar input, and from hd300's guitar in to my guitar. I used to connect my pod some other way by connecting it in the back of the amp (since a friend knew himself what he was doing i never really bothered to look what he did, i just really want to play the goddamn guitar). But when we had that rehearsal with the new guy at a new place, i just connected my pod with the amp via guitar input, something i never did before.. Maybe that is the issue? Btw.. i had my (GOOD) tone saved in another place and i retrieved it .. and really hoped it would make things better and i'd get the tone back.. but it sounds lollipop, and i know it was THAT tone i had saved.. and it used to be good because i had recorded with it like.. hundreds of times. Also i did reset to factory settings and nothing. It could be the thing that i just suck at making tones.. i dont know. When i download a good tone it sounds bad aswell.. really running low on options
  4. Hello. I've been trying to fix my real bad tone issue for months now. I had a good tone and everything right up untill i had a rehearsal with a new guitar player in my band. When i brought my POD there everything went downhill, it sounded like **** and i have no idea what could've caused it. I figured it might've been the amp but i came back home and i had fuzzy sounds all of a sudden. I really hope it's not broken or damaged by any way and so turned to options such as updating my firmware and such.. and ofcourse, nothing. I attempted to do something about it today aswell (i am really depressed with what i am stuck with right now) and saw that my flash memory is not installed (shows - ). HOWEVER to make things more worse I can't update it. It shows a question mark and wont allow me to install it. After a while i somehow got it fixed, but the tone is still horrible and can't get ANYTHING decent out of it, even from downloading custom tones. So here is what i've done : resest to factory settings, reinstalled firmware and flash memory, download other tunes.. and im losing options. Some things i know what i can try to do is reinstall podhd300 driver completly, but other than that I am posting this so i can get other suggestions aswell, as im really frustrated with this issue. Many thanks ahead
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