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  1. Haha true it is what the HD500 is, I meant more of a stripped down, possibly even smaller version. More of a "just an amp"...pre style. With a few of the main key options. Mainly aimed at the old school style players that have no idea what they're missing. I def need a Line 6 rep of my own. I'd love to sit down & make a video for them.
  2. Thank you!! Yeah that's us!! It is a project band & I do have songs in the can. Those might see the light of day later. 85% was all recorded using the DT & Pocket Pod. A lot of people expected me to run to amp companies for endorsement deals. I made it clear that I owned what I love (now including a HD500) & now that the EP is out, I'll talk to companies. I haven't called any of them yet, but might have to talk to the fine folks at Line 6 first. There's even a video clip of me using the Pocket Pod live & it sounds like million bucks!! I'd love to talk to Line 6 about making a version set up similar to a HD500 style, BUT set it up like a 2 channel work horse like old style amps. 6 pedal/button set up: 4 effects simultaneously 2 channels NO expression pedal but include an effects loop. All updated Pod sounds & patches. Old school players scared to jump into the digital world would love it.
  3. Thank you for that!!
  4. Ok ok ok...go to facebook & look up Mr Creepy. This is the core of the band: Myself (Arthur Gonzales guitar) Shane Gibson (Former KoRn guitarist) Michael G (session player) who has played with what I feel is like a billion people. Ha! Jasmine Cain( Regional artist) Mike Froedge (Drums - Former Black Label Society) Special guest: Mick James (Criss Angel Band) Tony Medina (Regional Artist) Ok a couple of "rock stars", but you get the idea. So yeah, that's my band.
  5. Well Silverhead answered that question about what exactly was done. Yeah being a noobie to the Pod HD500 sucks, but I know that the pay off will be worth getting past these little things. I honestly had used a Pocket Pod live. True story!! I would use it along with my pedals & run my pedals into it like an old amp without an effects loop & it KILLS!! I had people ask where my Plexi was hidden & argue that my Pod couldn't have been the source of all of that sound. So being the noob on this much more powerful unit is cool. My main patch is actually set up to be a combo of a Boogie on the left & a JCM 800 on the right. What an amazing tone!! I am only using a "Chrome wah" on the JCM side right now. I drop my volume on the guitar for "cleans" like you would with an old single channel amp. Again...same reactions...people wanna know where my amps are!! Recording I use it along with my Line 6 DT50 head in a closed sound room & get a combo of the vintage cab it runs into along with a direct signal. If anybody comes along & can't get a good sound out of these things, they need to learn how to... 1. PLAY guitar 2. PLAY guitar This thing just kills!! Did I mention that I play professionally & that my band is actually mix of rock stars? Yeah...true story...here i've been fighting technology & now, this company makes me feel secure that these aren't just little rinky dink DSP junk effects. Haha
  6. I ended up on the phone with tech support & well, of course it couldn't be as simple as just an update. It needed to have a global reset & the pedal calibrated & all of that good stuff. I did lose my only patch I had started working on, BUT I do know now to save them in case I need to do a whole reset again. I have a feeling that with the way it's set up, I will have to again in the future. I don't have a million patches, BUT the few I have created are VERY workable in almost every type of song. This flash update problem on the HD500 & re-setting everything seems to be the only issue I have. I LOVE this thing!! Problem....SOLVED :)
  7. I tried different cables...same result. So next I am going to try & download the file & go from there. Though I have NO clue where to find that actual file...I am on it. Crossing my fingers
  8. Ok, I have had this thing for a few months. I haven't used it much...I also have a DT50 & a Pocket Pod. I can actually use the Pocket Pod live a lot just by running my normal pedals into it like I would an older amp without an fx loop. I decided to record with my HD500 & of course it needed to update. It started to do that LINE6 Loop thing at it's boot up. It wasn't hard to find where someone (many times) tells how to stop it & then, of course, update what needs to be updated. I have updated the Flash countless times using my Line 6 monkey & it wont seem to update. It'll say there's a communication problem with my device. I have used a couple of different USB cables that all work on other devices. So what's the problem & how do i fix it? I was in the middle of an edit & actually seem to have lost my "Bundle." That really sucks because I finally created what I would think is an incredible blend of a "Marshal" & a "Boogie." So...help...please...
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