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  1. Hi - I am recording some guitar through my podxt into a pc version of Reaper along with other pre-recorded tracks that I pulled into this project. When I add a new track to record my guitar, the playback of what I record appears to be 1/2 step flat and slower, which leads me to think this is a sample rate issue. The tracks i pulled into the project were recorded at 48k. My settings as far asI can tell on my end are also set to 48k. But the playback on my newly added track appears flat and slowed down. Any ideas? Also - if I were to create a project just with my guitar track (and not the other imported audio tracks) the issue seems not to happen. Can anyone advise?
  2. Thanks Jim, it failed test a. So does that mean that the amp FX loop is not working?
  3. Ok, so still having the issue. Here is a new wrinkle I discovered as I was experimenting. If I unplug the able on the fx return on the pod (coming from amp FX send), or the line out from the pod (going to amp fx return), I get sound coming out of the amp. In other words. The amp is getting everything from my pod FX send (to amp in). I can monkey with the other two cables and it doesn't do any thing. I still can only hear the effects on mybpod if they are in front of the FX loop icon on the pod, but I thought this might be able to be a clue to you guys as to what is going on? Ideas?
  4. ok - thanks for that. will check on those when i get back after work.
  5. so the order goes, compressor, distortion, effects loop, (amp modeling set to 'off'), delay, rotary drum, (then i think there is a 'pan'). when in move the delay and/or rotary in front of the loop icon, then i hear them, but behind it i don't.
  6. well i set the bypass to 'on' and then no signal at all came out of the amp. when i put the bypass to 'off', i can hear the signal of all the effects that are ordered in front of the effects loop icon on the pod. seems when i put the bypass to 'on' on the amp it cuts everything out.
  7. Sure, cable from guitar to pod. Pod effects send out to amp in Amp effects send to pod effects loop return Pod line out to amp effects return That is right?
  8. Hi all - I recently started using the 4 cable method with my HD 500. Sounds great for anything in front of the effects loop icon on the pod signal chain. but when i move anything to after the effects loop, then it becomes inaudible through the amp. If i move it up ahead of the loop, its fine, but then that means it's running through the pre-amp, which defeats the whole purpose. Ive double,triple checked that i have the cables hooked up right. And no amount of playing wiht the send/receive volume levels on the pod or the amp effects loop output makes any difference. anyone have any ideas on why this could be happening?
  9. Hi - looking for advice. I am running my HD 500 through my Vox AC 30 for live sound. Can I use the pod to just model the effects and not model an amp on the pod? Not sure if my ears are lying to me or not, but it seems at times that it muddies up the sound when i have an amp modeled on the pod (along with effects) and then run the output through my vox (clean). Anyone have any experience on that? should i be doing effects only and setting amp model to (none)?
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