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  1. Remember, a bassman was once ment for..bassmen. so that makes two...
  2. FX will always be best if they do not hit a tube first, even if it's just power tubes. Even if you're not using L6 products at all, for that matter. exception maybe a tubescreamer or the like before the front of an amp, but other than that..
  3. I've been hearing this complaint a bit. High gain sounds like @#$% to my ears when it's 'good' LOL, so I've been wondering what it is exactly folks are looking for. Not enuff edge on the front end of a note?[suddeness] Fizzy? Not 'bogner-y' enuff? Crispness? Over compressed? Flurry of notes wash out- yikes I wouldn't have a clue what to do about that.. Since I have to record others as well as myself this would be useful. Seriously it's the bit about what makes high gain high gain, that doesn't suit my style in the first place, throws my ears and would love to know what this is about cos I'm shure it's tweakable and I could therefore help those norweigian death metal fans. it's not so much about what L6 editing can do but what I'm supozta be looking for in the first place. Those settings sound fine to me, save they are settings I don't care for- and therefore can't exactly trust my own ears I guess...
  4. I wouldn't use a tube amp at all for monitoring unless you can somehow route FX post output tubes . Any tube will colour the sound more unwanted noise and warble. .I use a groove tubes se11 for this with a tube amp and no mike for live but line out. the other solution might be a powered monitor and perhaps a small simple personal mixer.[se11 emulates 4-12 greenbacks if you line out from it.]
  5. Jes say'n it might make better marketing sence to newbs Anyone having owned some of these modeled amps would more likely appreciate your point but L6 sell more product to relative begnners and techno-hip young'ns that the set in there ways analog/tube purist crowd tending to be either older or more experienced. L6 musta sold a million spyder amps, but hardly a one to a seasoned 'vet'. And, I did a lotta reseach before my purchase and this topic was the #1 complaint, sooo.. :P
  6. You're right, Uber, but in that the L6HD as it comes is 'overdone' to my ears in this reguard, and ergo why my original inquiry. I like it, just not so much of it as set from the factory. In other words yes it makes it less digital sounding, but it's also part of the equasion a producer would use compression for, setting limits of 'less than' of the normal models replicated in question. A cleaner recording. it's all due to the HD being so realistic in the first place, eh?
  7. what Joe said, thou any solution is a bit time consuming arguous when they could set they levels equal from the factory. Clearly research this is what most users would like, v.s. the 'real' output of modeled amps. Hassle. Perhaps best described as set up better for recording than live,eh? Oh, I see why you might want it the way it comes, as it's true to the amps modeled, but redundant a bit when most the floorboards have a volume pedal you could employ for this or edit the models 'like real' for those few who'd want that, rather than make the majority of us have to edit to 'even'. This would impress customers in the store best too. Model outputs even. Most prospective buyers have never owned all these amps anyway, and many have never owned a tube amp at all They have no comparative expectation here, and therefor hits their ears as a "whaaa?" moment
  8. Yeah, and some of the HDs' realizm isn't exactly always a +. Like including the original hum,noise, and crudeness of whatever it's repilcating..
  9. Here's how I set up my 'rig' perhaps an alternative to the four wire thing,..a variation on the typical wet/dry rig. This is great for small watt tube amps with no fx send return or line out or channel switching/boost. Traynor darkhourse or Vox AC4c1 routed to groove tubes SE11 attenuator/speaker emulator[lots of routing options here] Using 'return' of groove tubes fx loop to guitar imput of HD 300, line out of HD 300 to a nice clean[prefferably S.S. amp with line out and either built in speaker or cab ] -in my case an old Acoustasonic jr.[no line out] -Insert frowny face here. I use only the FX of the HD, and the organic output tube saturation of the tube amp, and use the volume pedal to blend these sounds up and down in and out so's there's no real need to stomp an FX on or off, usually... I see no need for an a/b/y box, and no 'click' or 'pause' of one. Heavenly sterio effect, and way for 'hi-fi' than any FX between pre and output stages of the 'typical' tube amp with FX loop employed, as any tubes fx hit will be washed somewhat. [it's how the REAL studios do it {usually post production thou} and you can have that at home!] I got about $1500. invested with three amps mentioned, Se11, HD300 et al. Add a mike push record and capture real speakers thru real tubes in a real room, like God intended. And without the cops coming. Great sound for studio and reheasal. Live maybe a powered monitor with a small mixer the sound guy can't get his hands on [Also this would eliminate the need for the Groove tubes Se11, but you won't be able to duck down on the speaker without it or some attenuator with a line out.] Also, if you play mostly clean set the amp for that not the L6, and use l6 amp models for ocassional dirt, and for mostly dirty like me I'd use the amp model of L6 for the clean tone.[Fender baby] For me, i just need the L6 for quik acccess to FX, wah, volume and tuner, really.
  10. Found it! [under up down cursers three or four steps in] should make an adeqate fx sublime. Thanx all
  11. Uber-"seperately assignable in all presets" hummm...lemme go back and look again. Manual very misleading there. It refferences this capability to HD400 only under chapter 4. [i think the manual is exceptionally easy to understand otherwize-no 'lawyerspeak, persay] So it's there as it should be I just haven't found it yet-must be deep within preset parameters or represented by a weird acronym or something.. I'd think It'd be about the first parameter you'd encouter..kinda miss the 'on deck' gate and compression knods of the Pod +. [and hey, my eyes ain't so good anymore, need to look into online editing] Thanks for the imput guys.
  12. I just don't seem to find a 'gating ' menu, on this HD300, HD300/400 manual sez 'in this chapter we'll dicuss editing HD400 , and 'gating' is only refferenced to that model[HD400]> needs me some gating/compression. Thanx.
  13. My unit came with no manual[store demo model] but I presumed I could do the same editing I had on the pod plus and then some. Upon downloading manual, after purchase due to the situation, it indicates only the hd400 does this. Kind of a deal breaker, as HD seems to acentuate real life noise of 'actual name brand' FX. The presets are a bit extreme for adults taste IMO... Gate and compression gave me the best editing tweaks on the Pod plus for less dough. What gives?
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