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  1. Thanks Silverhead, I'll give this a try and get back to you, though it may be a few days before I get to sit down with the pedal again, and then I'll mark your post appropriately if that gets it, or if operator error happens on my part, and I need another hand up.
  2. Hi RealZap, and thanks for affirming that it's not possible to load the bass pod's sounds onto the HD POD 500--as I suspected. I'm not sure how the ratings systems work in here, but I punched the "green up" arrow on your response. I didn't hit "solved" b/c although you solved my question, the issues of whether Line6 intends to issue a new bass pod, or the solution which I would prefer--make it possible to get bass amps, speaker cabs, bi-amp-ability, etc, sounds onto the HD Pod 500, the overall issue is "unsolved." So, no offense meant in not choosing "solved." B)
  3. Hey Western, It may have been Customer Service that I called, not Tech support. Either way, they solved the problem fast and friendly.
  4. I have 3 questions, and before asking them, here's the background. I've set up a new tone and have added a Wah to it, which according to the Advanced Guide (AG), the Wahs are supposed to be automatically assigned to the EXP1 and EXP2 pedals for factory presets, but for newlyFX models, you have to do that manually. I don't have a outside pedal hooked into the POD HD. Straight out of the box and as of right now, the green light next to EXP 2 on my HD500 is lit, which presumably means that EXP 2 is the one that is working and EXP1 is not? On Chapter 3, page 13, the AG says that to do this, you need to have the wah selected, then go to the FS Assign Screen, so my questions are: 1. How do you access the FS Assign Screen? (I've used the search command in my Adobe reader and can't find that anywhere) 2. How do you switch between EXP1 and EXP2 manually? Is there a knob or footswitch that does that? 3. What and where is the "Toe Switch?" I thought it might be just the fact that you push the Exp pedal to its full on position, but that's not doing it. Then again, if no Expression pedal is assigned or functioning, it might not work. This AG seems to be missing a couple of key things that would make it easier for a noob to get around on this pedal.
  5. Denny, I'm new to the Line6, but when I've looked through their software from their own old bass pods, it does not appear to be possible to download those into the HD500. However, if someone else on here knows if there is a way - let me know P L E A S E!
  6. Not to mention the different types of speaker cab that one can combine with heads to make good sound. Oh, and then there's bi-amping
  7. Yeah, I know the Bassman was a bass amp originally, and its sounds are ok, and the other amp in there that sounds decent for a bass is the BF Double Vibe Pre. There's one other I've found in there so far, but the sounds between them all are not as distinct as modern bass amps, such as the SWRs, Trace's, GKs, Aguilars, and Ampegs are from one another. Another cool one to have would be to have Marcus Miller's SWR pre-amp.
  8. Hawaiian, I didn't listen to the song you were trying to capture the bass from, but in terms of "thick and hard while staying boomy," I think what you mean is full, fat-warm, low-end tone that cuts through in mix. So, in addition to what's been said here, my suggestions for thick boominess are that it's going to result in a combination of tweaks in the following areas: EQ on AMP; Amp THUMP, the mic and room reflections. So, my first swing at editing these combinations would be to: 1. Increase AMP Thump. To do that, get into the EDIT mode for the AMP you've selected, go to page 3, and increase the THUMP 2. Go to the first page on EDIT on AMP and tweak the EQ and you can finely tune the low end, low and high mids, as well as a little treble. Make small incremental changes to see how those changes work against/with the THUMP increase you've made. 3. Scroll through the different mics to see which one gives you the phattest, yet crispest sound. 4. Fidlle with the Room reflections. You may have to return to some of these for finer tweaking after you get into the general vicinity. I would do all this first, before I added any kind of effect to the sound. I know people have different views of how to achieve sounds, but my philosophy is to work from the bass guitar out. If you have active pick-ups, you can make further tweaks to the sound afterwards. If not, I'd just turn all vol and tone knobs up to 10, and then begin with Step 1 above. Happy Sound Hunting!
  9. I bought my HD500 a couple of weeks ago and could not register it online either, but I can't remember what error message I received. I called Tech Support and the guy registered it for me, no probs, and I could sign in and see that it was done. Give tech support a call. Call Line 6 Technical Support To help us better assist you, please register your product and complete your support profile. The US support team can be reached at 818-575-3600 (option 3), Mon-Fri 8am - 5 pm PST. Our busiest hours are from 11am to 2 pm. The UK support team can be reached at +44 (0) 1788 566 555, Mon-Thurs 9am – 5pm GMT and Fri 9am – 4pm GMT.
  10. I agree with both of these posts. LINE 6 ARE YOU LISTENING? Is it possible to come up with some bass amp models and bass amp effects models, so that I can load them into my POD HD 500. Why develop a separate pedal - the hardware exists, so just design the software that fits it.
  11. Thanks RealZap, but that's my point - there's only one bass amp in there, and a couple other guitar amps that might serve well as bass amps if you're looking for some vintage make-your-bellbottoms move-sounds. There are tons of bass amps on the market now, as well as different types of speakers and magnets, and all of them have very characteristic sounds--same as with guitar amps. Since Line6 appear to produce the cadillacs of modellers, one would think they would provide more bass choices, or have a new bass modeller out
  12. Thanks Phil_m When I did some hands on yesterday, I refound the table where the mics were listed in the Advanced Guide and messed around with the room reflections. I know what some of those mics sound like from having used them, but some of them I'm not familiar with - will check your google suggestion though--good idea. Right now, I'm playing with setting up an envelope filter for a bass tone, so the reflections might be more noticeable/useful on some guitar tones.
  13. My apologies if this question has been asked already, but a search turned up nothing, so here goes. Why is it not possible (as it appears to be by looking through the available products in software, etc) to get the bass amp models, etc, from the bass pods from LIne 6 onto the HD 500? Are the parameters different? Regards and Thanks in Advance Joyce
  14. Are there any descriptions anywhere in the guides for how some of the modeled mics sound? Also, is there a way to distance mic? I've read through all the HD 500 manuals, and I may have read that, but am a little bit overwhelmed by all the info and am now setting down to program on the HD itself, to start matching the knowledge from that with some "hands on." Thanks in advance Joyce
  15. Apologies for asking this general account question in here, but my search for it elsewhere did not yield anything. I am "following" a thread, and my preferences indicate that I'm supposed to be receiving instant email notifications when someone replies, but someone has replied, and I never received an email notification for it. Anyone have a suggestion to fix this? Regards Joyce
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