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  1. Watch out for noise gates. Lower Output pickups require lower thresholds.
  2. The BM pickups are wired in series. This allows you to combine single coil pickups to act like a humbucker. Brian uses a treble boaster because he uses the normal channel of the Vox AC30 which is dark sounding on it's own. I used to own this guitar and agree it is a bit dark sounding unless you play single pickups on their own as opposed to multiple pickups in series. It is also a very unique sounding instrument and can get close to Brian's sound. As far as your treble boaster, try using the boost eq.
  3. Noticed on the major Music Retailer sites, you can no longer purchace a new HD 300 or HD 400. Sweetwater is also currently blowing out the HD Desktop. What gives? Did I miss an announcement?
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