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  1. Got the same problem. Monitors cut out when PF is open so can't listen the guitar through an external amp and I should be able to. Did you get it fixed?
  2. HI Windows 10 settings menu sucks - I'd take XP's any day. I could not find a 'Listen to this device' anywhere. Anyway, I uninstalled and re-installed all the Line 6 software and it is behaving itself now. Mysterious reverb and incoming signal have gone. It's always a shame when you don't find a cause though. Thanks for your help Rog
  3. HI, It is a red Toneport All the software has green ticks in Monkey The on board audio is all disabled I still get sound when PF isn't running ans till get the mysterious reverb. I will uninstall all the software and reload it to see if that hlps
  4. Headphones are plugged into the UX2 I just loaded the drivers and Pod farm onto an old laptop running windows XP...No problems at all. When Pod farm is not running there is no sound out of the computer when the guitar is strummed. There is only the correct tone and no mystery reverb when the guitar is played through Pod farm All other programmes work fine when the UX2 is selected as the default audio device. Something on my other computer is looping the output audio back into the input I think
  5. To better explain it......... I'm getting a reverb all the time except for the dry tone. Without Pod Farm running when I play through the instrument input of my UX2 and listen over headphones I hear my dry sounding guitar with maybe a very, very small amount of latency. When I turn on Pod Farm and load in just a piezo amp with no cabinet I get a reverb that shouldn't be there. I think this is because I am hearing the Pod farm tone and the dry tone that I heard before turning Pod farm on. Mute the signal into pod farm and I am back a a dry sound again. I'm just using it in stand alone mode. In the mixer when I drop the fader on the processed tone I only hear the dry tone on the other pair of output sends. If I set the two pairs of channels to both be the dry input and set both faders the same the reverb comes back. Even with no gear selected the reverb is there and disappears when the input is muted. However when the input is muted there seems to be a slight latency that isn't there when it is un-muted. It seems like the monitoring is feeding back into the input signal chain. If I load an amp and no cab, mute the instrument channel and turn the dry channel on the mixer right down, the meter on the processed channels still shows an output and I still hear sound. If I load a tone and mute the instrument input I hear the tone. Un-mute the instrument input and I hear the same tone with extra reverb. I just installed Novation's Automap to go with an Impulse keyboard. It creates a copy of plug in's to map their controls. Could that be causing any issues? The UX2 is my default audio device so stand alone vst's, DAW and media players need to use it. As they do not feed in a signal through a mic or instrument channel there is no reverb heard on those. Hope someone can help
  6. I started up my Toneport UX2 today and I'll swear it seems to have developed a slight slap back echo. The dry record sends sound dry but when I use a standard acoustic tone setting with my Strat and turn off everything but the pre amp there is still an echo. It sounds different from the last time I turned it on a few days ago. It gives the effect of there being a very small amount of latency. The computer is running Windows 10 None of the midi keyboard controlled instruments seem to have any lag. No audio system settings seem to change anything. Any ideas anyone?
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