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  1. Ok guys, I've got some updates. Finally, the issue came from my guitar, not from my cables or POD ! Indeed, after further investigation it appeared that the volume controller were damaged from the inside... So, I played with my other guitar and I had no interference. Thanks for all ! :D
  2. Thanks everyone. I think I'm going to investigate on my cables and guitar's side first, like you suggested to me. @CipherHost : I didn't change anything at all. To be more precise, the glitch occured in the middle of a playing session (I had just recorded my rythm part using Reaper, and the interferences came when I switched to the lead part). Anyway, I'll let you know if things get better using your advices. :)
  3. Hi everyone ! I've been using my POD HD 300 for a while, and everything was ok until last week. I don't know exactly why, but now I'm experiencing some "interferences" with the device... Here are the symptoms : My patches don't sound like they did before (sound sloppy) I can hear the radio through my POD (breaking news, etc.) while I'm playing (radio sound comes louder when I play a distored tone) ! I tried to uninstall everything (drivers, Line 6 Monkey) and start from a clean base, but the problem remains. For information, I'have got everything up to date (latest versions of each software/drivers/firmware). The issue came when I used the v1.03 firware though. I really don't know what could happen between the time it worked correctly and now, and I have absolutely no idea of what causes the problem (device malfunction ?). So, I wondered if any of you encountered this issue, or have any idea of how to get it fixed.
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