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  1. Hello, I play guitar and wanto to start composing using vsti and my guitar. Can i record with amplifi presents direct, or i have to reamp? How good is latency and ASIO drivers? it´s only to synths, drums, loops and sampler (all from Ableton live suit) and live guitar Best Luis
  2. Hello, I upgrade my PC to W10 Anniversary and Presonus Studio one to version 3.3 Now ASIO drivers don´t work I uninstall and reinstall everything and stays all the same. I try asio4all and it Works. Windows drivers (with HD500x as a main soudcard) and Works, but their drivers dont... I don´t have another software to try but before upgrade everything Works perfectly Best Luis
  3. lmartinho

    Windows 10 Last Version & Drivers Crash DAW's

    Same kind of problem here... I can use it as a sound card with the Windows drivers but not the ASIO in Presonus Studio one 3.3. Everything is OK in system... I reinstall all line6 software but nothing changes. Best
  4. lmartinho

    Using Amplifi TT in an effects loop?

    You can use like that. Be shure you turn amp simulation to "no amp" Then if you have a FBV foot controller you can turn on/off effects stompbox style ;) Best
  5. lmartinho

    Amplifi TT - Use Stomps Only or Cleanest Amp

    If you have a Send/return or loop fx connect there, realy souds much better and your guitar normally in amp input. Regards
  6. lmartinho

    Fx100 Amp out to amp input, volume issue...

    This should result in ANY amp: Connect the output to aux or mp3 in. Even in a bass amp i have good sound, a little muddy but ok... Is just like a return from fx loop and normaly all new amps have that entry Best Luis Martinho