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  1. Hello, I play guitar and wanto to start composing using vsti and my guitar. Can i record with amplifi presents direct, or i have to reamp? How good is latency and ASIO drivers? it´s only to synths, drums, loops and sampler (all from Ableton live suit) and live guitar Best Luis
  2. Hello, I upgrade my PC to W10 Anniversary and Presonus Studio one to version 3.3 Now ASIO drivers don´t work I uninstall and reinstall everything and stays all the same. I try asio4all and it Works. Windows drivers (with HD500x as a main soudcard) and Works, but their drivers dont... I don´t have another software to try but before upgrade everything Works perfectly Best Luis
  3. Same kind of problem here... I can use it as a sound card with the Windows drivers but not the ASIO in Presonus Studio one 3.3. Everything is OK in system... I reinstall all line6 software but nothing changes. Best
  4. You can use like that. Be shure you turn amp simulation to "no amp" Then if you have a FBV foot controller you can turn on/off effects stompbox style ;) Best
  5. If you have a Send/return or loop fx connect there, realy souds much better and your guitar normally in amp input. Regards
  6. This should result in ANY amp: Connect the output to aux or mp3 in. Even in a bass amp i have good sound, a little muddy but ok... Is just like a return from fx loop and normaly all new amps have that entry Best Luis Martinho
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