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  1. So something weird happened at a gig last night. I'm in the middle of a song and I hit FS2 which is assigned to simple pitch for this patch (Stomp Mode), it kills my output. No sound at all. I check everything ( next patch, cables, other FSs, amp). It's definitely the pod. I quickly reboot and I'm back to normal. No more problems the rest of the night. Has anyone else ever experienced this?
  2. Worked like a charm. @voxman55 Thank you! Used an Ampero control dual footswitch ($19.99 on amazon). Saved me a lot of tap dancing on Sat night.
  3. So far I am loving my pod go. I switched from my RP1000 and have been gigging with my pod go for several months and it really hasn't let me down. The one operational thing for me that is missing, that I don't believe would create any DSP issues, would be the availability of a hybrid stomp/preset mode like the RP1000 does. You could have the bottom row of switches to toggle between presets in the selected bank and have the top row assignable to any function within the presets as you can now including snapshots. I would set up 7/8 with a dual switch to bank up and down. Maybe there is a way of doing this already and I haven't figured it out yet. To not have to choose between stomp and preset mode would be a game changer for me.
  4. I'm such an idiot. Can't believe I missed that. I'll try that asap. thank you.
  5. Hi All Have been gigging in a mostly 90s cover band with my Pod Go for several months now and definitely grooving on it ( the Badonk is my go to model). One thing I'm a little frustrated with is the lack of ability to control the sweep of the Voice Box effect with an expression pedal ( like a Wah but with "vowel" sounds). My old Digitech RP1000 did this really well. Do you think this might be made possible at some point? Any solutions (other than buying a Banshee or going back to the digitech) would be appreciated. thanks
  6. It's strange, I know. I have a feeling that the Pod isn't drawing that much current. I was using the CS7 with a Digitech RP1000 (9v 1.5A) with the same external items for a couple of years with no issue. I thought I would have to replace the CS7 once i got the pod, but it hasn't failed me yet. For giggles, I had tried using it with an Ampero and the ampero would shut down after about 10 minutes.
  7. I've been gigging with my Pod Go for a couple of months now using the Truetone CS7 (Pod go, shure glxd receiver, Digitech Drop and mooer tender octave) for power with no problems whatsoever . What's great about Truetone is that they include the 2 necessary adapters you need for the Pod Go (Polarity flip and smaller connector) and no wallwart necessary. Just an IEC power cord straight into the box.
  8. Yes, the main out fs assignment is a great tip. The only issue is if you are using the "Amp Out" to grab the signal before your cab sim/ir . That signal is tapped before the main out. I love the loop jumper idea in that instance. I'm still holding out hope for the wonderful people at Line6 to be able to add just 1 more block at some point. Or a level control for the Amp out that would be fs assignable.
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