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  1. The LED is still broken. Because of the holiday season I didn't sent it off for repair yet. I'll drop off the unit at the store where I bought it and they will handle the repair / replacement for now. I'll post any news with the repair / replacement process here... Cheers.
  2. Hello, Every since I got my Helix a few weeks ago (november 2015) that the LED screen over FS9 flickers (turns off and on rapidly) a few minutes after I turn on the unit and keeps flickering randomly. It sometimes stays off for a few seconds I don't think this problem is firmware related because it started doing this with the original 1.0 firmware and subsequently with firmware 1.03 and 1.04.1. I've tried several things to fix this problem like resetting (FS9 + FS10) the and powering off for a while but nothing works. Should I send the unit back for repair? Thanks, F.
  3. I've had the Amplifi 150 for a couple of days now I've had no problems with bluetooth playback, creating/saving/trasfering tones and upgrading the firmware to 1.00.5 One thing I did noticed is that the App (on iPhone 5S or iPad 4 with iOS 7.1.2) does not update or refresh when I turn the amp knobs. Is this only happening to me? F.
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