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  1. My Amplifi 150 seems to have this issue and not all the time. Where i turn the switch on and i get a dim light in the B of the tone and a dim Bluetooth light.if i turn it off and on multiple times it will come on and stay on.the process can take a long time . I've dont some research to where Line 6 and other sources on the net that said it was the power board. To which i changed to a new one. With the same results. i updated to firmware 2.60, but have since downgraded to 2.50. Still the same issues. Once its on though(except for the Notorious Line 6 Bluetooth connectivity)it does work. i just wish line 6 products were half as good as their ideas.
  2. Amplifi 150 If i turn the switch on i get a dim B (on the tone select) and a dim bluetooth light. If i switch it off and on i get it to power up and will stay on. bluetooth will come in and out on occasion. from my experience thats typical Line 6. called tech support ( or lack there of) told me it is probably the power board. which i had changed. till i figure it out i have a $500 door stop. Not sure why i keep giving Line 6 another shot. constantly let down. if only their equipment was as good as the ideas.
  3. Any chance you know the value of the capacitors and or at what rate they should drop if at all. I feel I could change them myself and would like to give it a try. Thanks in advance
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