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  1. Hi all. I'm new to these forums and have a very frustrating issue... I play Bass guitar I use it a simple GX interface for headphone jamming/learning to my favorite songs in private while the wife sleeps etc... I have GearBox, PodFarm2, Monkey and was running a UX-1 and am now running a GX interface. Something happened when I went to the newest downloads from GearBox, Toneport and Monkey. Now my volume is extremely low, (like tuning mode) and I cannot figure out how to get it higher. I also lost all my user-made tones. My previous UX-1 would cut out to 1/2 vol when turned all the way to 10, so backing off to 8 somehow boosted it and gave me the most volume. Still very low. Thought there was a problem so I bought a simple GX and the SAME THING is happening. :( Can anyone help? I'm chained with a Gate, Vol pedal, and compression. That's it! What the heck is going on? Thanks!
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