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  1. Ok Guys figured it out might help others - you have to sign into line6 account - then click enter your activation code button here on sweetwater website - Your activation code is in a pdf in your purchase history in your sweetwater account - they dont e-mail you anything - you have to dig for it yourself https://www.sweetwater.com/sweetcare/articles/getting-started-fast-with-line-6-helix-native/ That will take you to line6 activation code page - copy and paste it there - then line6 knows its activated - restart DAW bam done - learn something new every day
  2. Hi Guys: Just purchased helix Native from Sweetwater - but V1.1 trial ran out so I cant put in serial number from Sweetwater Loaded version 1.5 buy only option that works is to buy it again on line6 site - any help would be appreciated - thanks
  3. Thanks Wolf for clarification :)
  4. Also noticed no mention of midi expression pedal compatibility
  5. Correct 2.5 is for hardware not Helix Native :)
  6. Awesome great news ;) thank you
  7. Hi Guys noticed this in pinned topic Posted 25 January 2018 - 11:51 AM Updated to v 1.50. Is this true ? thanks
  8. Thanks :) appreciate your help - yup was close no biggie thanks for the heads up on update
  9. Just got a reply from Line6 support Helix Native has no direct MIDI support yet (it will later this year), but your DAW may have MIDI-to-automation capabilities as a band-aid in the meantime. For no support its pretty darn close imagine when it does have support - later this years is not the best news - but at least its coming :)
  10. Well thats good news thought I was going crazy - owned pod xt and pod hd - this blows it away - pretty impressive and I just touched the surface - looking forward to the future of this great program
  11. Hi Sounddog Got close had to add 2 automation layers in Mixcraft in the guitar layer and assign helix numbered knobs 1 for volume and 1 for wah Got to pedals to work wah and volume - but volume adjustment did make much of a difference in throw of pedal - min to max volume was very slight - you could see a small line moving up and down in that automation layer but as stated not much difference in loudness also saw slider settings in helix going from min to max just sound difference was slight As for wah - wah seemed to be on all the time but more prominent as you push down the pedal to max - maybe thats how it works and you would need to assign a switch to shut it on and off not just relying on pedal backed off all the way - no biggie - thought I would pass on my progress - thank you
  12. Awesome give it a go - off to fight traffic home :( thank you much
  13. Thanks Buddy :) as soon as I get home from owrk will poke around some more I assigned a switch in helix maybe as you noted I should pick a knob ? as for spy program rig kontrol 3 has that to help me identify what pedal has CC number - thank you much - will report back - hopefully with good news :)
  14. Thanks but I tried that cant seem to get it to work no worries - started thread in proper forum - take care :)
  15. Thanks just not sure how to attach it to the wah in helix native to control it - figured out how to assign in mixcraft its self - thats pretty easy Also upgraded to mixcraft 8 if that matters - looks like vst3 is now supported in mixcraft 8
  16. Found this video got volume to work in Mixcraft but of course on my other expression would luv to control a wah in Helix Native - so far looks like my controllers are only usable for Mixcraft functions not Helix Native - open to ideas guys - thanks
  17. Hi Guys: Quick question can I use my rig kontrol 3 to adjust wah or preset volume before purchase of latest version of Helix Native - I can in other programs wondering if I can with Helix native, in demo doesnt appear I can I am using Mixcraft 7 pro Would pedal support only be for a standalone version of Helix Native ? I would just want to use rig kontrol 3 pedal for volume and moog expression pedal attached to rig kontrol 3 to control a wah Just saw post on mainstage 3 but I dont use a mac - I am on a PC Thank you
  18. Hi Guys: Quick question can I use my kontrol rig 3 to adjust wah or preset volume I can in other programs wondering if I can with Helix native, in demo doesnt appear I can Also using Mixcraft 7 pro Thank you
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