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  1. So wanted to love this guitar, but after my third JTV 69, I finally gave up. Nothing but neck and tuning problems. So sad that it had all the bells and whistles I was hoping for, but if you can't intonate or tune it, basically what you own is kindling. Both my local Line6 rep and Line 6 manufacturer tried to fix and could not. Waited five months for a replacement and then received the wrong guitar. Waited another two weeks for replacement. The only improvement was that my model selector now worked when I pressed it the first time but the neck was still a train wreck. My Line 6 distributor refunded my money because my guitar was out for repairs longer than I had owned the guitar. The local distributor also gave me a gift card. I am very disappointed. I thought I had found my dream guitar. Congratulations to all of you who have one that works and is fitting your needs.
  2. Thank you so much for your quick responses. I have decided for now to run it through the CD/MP3 input...quick and easy. I may experiment with the addition of an FX Loop, but does that mean I would have to set it for every patch?
  3. How do I bypass the FX settings for each patch? Connecting my drum machine through the Aux In causes my drum machine to also pick up all effects for that setting. I have gone through the settings and switched my second input to Aux an set the system to global, but my Aux In is still effected. Thanks for reading.
  4. Let me know how it worked for you. I was using XLR cables because I thought that would be the best direct low noise alternative, but they killed tone and volume. 1/4 to 1/4 from POD to Active Monitor worked for me...
  5. I was getting totally annoyed by my inability to get the tone I was hearing in my headphones out through my PA speakers. I had no volume or tone that was usable in a live situation. I then unplugged my XLR out on my board from the XLR in on my QSC K12 and swapped to the 1/4" outs and ins: bang...instant tone. I then ran out to two QSC K12s in stereo...sweet. i am using a Variax JTV-69, POD HD 500X, and two QSC K12s. Looking forward to next rehearsal and then giving it a shot live. Not sure if it will replace my Orange 212 rig because that is the cat's lollipop, but it will give me a viable back up.
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