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  1. Thanks so much for the response. I'm totally into all the new tech and the higher-quality HD modeling - there's definitely stuff there that the X3 can't match, and that's why I bought the HD and I use it. It's just that I have some patches that create a wall of sound on bass (using for instance FX Seismic Synth into 2001 Treadplate Dual on Tone 1, and FX Double Bass into Line 6 Insane on Tone 2) that we've recorded with, and I need that exact sound. Not "newer" or "better", just that sound. I feel like it's like telling Trent Reznor that some crusty old 8-bit sample from a 90s platinum-selling album won't play on the new 32-bit sampler, but he's welcome to re-create it from scratch. He doesn't need the old 8-bit sample to sound 32-bit, it just needs to play back. :) So yes, I'll have to roll up my sleeves to try to figure out where to start on recreating that patch, second-guessing myself all the while, and wondering if all my work will be useless when the next POD gets released with different "better" amps and effects. So I guess let me ask - what are the closest equivalents to the Seismic Synth and the Double Bass in the POD HD? Thanks!
  2. My biggest complaint about Line6 is that new PODs don't include all the older model amps and effects. I can't move all my meticulously-designed patches onto the latest and greatest product. So right now I have to deal with two pieces of rack gear (X3 Pro and HD Pro), and that complicates everything - footswitching, multiple outputs, midi, external loops, bypass, etc. I realize that older amps and effects models aren't "HD." I just don't understand why they can't be converted as-is to be available as legacy patches on the new PODs. I would gladly pay for that. Please let me know if I've missed something about all this. I would love to learn that there's a project in motion to convert all the old stuff. Thanks for any info!
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