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  1. Best to buy a Focusrite SCARLETT-2I2 and plug it into the monitor port works great
  2. Godsaxe if you want to record you could try to add a 2 port focusrite scarlett-2i2 and run it through the monitor, you will get all channels and can shape the sound . We have done this and it works great. You are correct that the PC out only allows 2 channels.
  3. its too bad ,we have invested so much into the m20d and the line seems to be discontinued. Are there any other options for the L6 Link ? We've bought the complete speaker system but really don't want to lose the ability to shape the live sound that the L6 link allows. We are not really interested in buying a yamaha mixing board after they've decided to not use the link6. Seems like the customers have been left in the dark and kicked to the curb.
  4. I agree with you about the on stage mixer concept but as a church it doesn't work for us. We prefer a sound guy at the back of the church, just have to figure out how to get the L6 Link to go beyond 50 ft. We looked at the Ipad concept but not sure we want to go down that route. someone forgets the ipad for church , we lose the wireless signal we forget to charge the ipad battery etc etc etc. just not a big fan of that concept. We have to set up every service as its not our building so the ipad is one more piece that can mess up our service. We prefer someone running the m20d then using a ipad.
  5. Siwatts69 good question but I doubt it because both speakers are plugged into the same power source. We also were standing behind the 1st speaker in the chain and witnessed the link being lost and the power not going out sooooo as far as we can see that's not a issue but I guess we will check again. its a really screwy problem. I did notice in another thread someone suggested it might be the trim ,so we are going to check that as well . We might change the xlr's to right angled xlr's just in case.
  6. dboomer I was aware of the analogue connections having 1000 ft lengths so its not a problem . Just like the idea of sending the all the mics and speakers down a cat 6 or fiber optic cable. I am surprised you guys didn't considered a cat 6 or fiber optic Link. I work with the stuff all the time and when it works its the best of the best, nothing affects it except really tight bends . I am considering a product (cant remember the name) that takes any signal and converts to optical light and then converts it back to what ever the signal that was feed into the device. I've used the product to feed dial tone up to 4 miles without a hitch. I think if can find a couple of the devices it would work here thus eliminating the 50 ft. limitations. I did talk to Canare and they suggested stepping down the 110 omh cable to 75 ohms and then vice versa (using some baluns that Canare makes), not sure if that would work , they claimed it would work up to 300 ft. Sometimes these things work for awhile and then they begin to attenuate and drop the signal. Maybe its worth a shot ??? Siwatts69 your idea sounds interesting I'll have to look into it. The behringer digital snake was the one I was actually looking at, the cool thing about their set up is you only need 1 s16 and the cat 6 feeds right into their mixer, very nice concept to alleviate a huge 16 port snake. Your right about the pricing if I were to use it for the M20d its $899 x 2 plus the cables. Well I think we may try the fiber optic route.
  7. yea I studied the issue of connecting cables together and as you pointed out its a bad idea. I am looking into a digital snake. I am surprised Line 6 haven't looked into incorporating this into their M20d soundscape. This would eliminate so many cable issues and would give greater cable lengths.
  8. Thanks for the responses to our issue. Let me clarify more points to our problem. When the system cuts out it does so for 5 - 10 seconds then comes back on and has done this numerous times in a service. In one service it was cutting out quite a lot and at the end of the service we swapped speakers. The strange thing is that we had the speakers off the stands and switched the cable between speakers and it seemed to be causing one speaker to be losing the L6 Link connection and not the other. As silverhead also noticed , we tried running the system in analogue last Sunday and no problems what so ever. We also tried reinstalling the firmware on the speakers and mixing board. I think we are going to try to redo the xlr ends and give it a go this Sunday with the L6 Link. I really cant see how the cable or ends can be the problem when it is never walked on or abused. Another thing we did notice when it was cutting out was the mixer was getting super hot. Not sure why the mixer was getting hot but haven't been able to get it reproduce this problem other then when it was cutting out.
  9. Just curious if anybody has successfully made the m20d soundscape work beyond the recommended 50 ft. cable lengths for the L6 link ?
  10. For a couple of months we have been having problems with our m20d soundscape mixing board and Lt3 speakers. Right in the middle of service the speakers cut out intermittingly. We are using the L6 Link with a aes 50 ft. cable to connect to the first speaker. When it happened the 1st time we could not figure out what was causing the problem. The 2nd time it happened it seemed to be one of the speakers (we figured it out by swapping the speakers and the problem persisted with the one speaker and not the other) so we took it back to the vendor. they could not reproduce the problem. We brought back the speaker and it happened again . They gave us a rental for the time being and everything seemed to be okay. Then the other speaker(not the rental speaker) started to drop the link to the mixer. any ideas as to the cause of this?????
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