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  1. As a newbie to Helix HX Stomp, it would be really helpful if I could customise the LED colour for Snapshots because I use that facility (during gigs) as a 'quick glance reference' for the number & type of snapshots that I've set up for each preset e.g. (1)clean (2)crunch (3) lead OR (1)clean (2) lead etc. - I've asked if it can be done on another thread but the absence of responses lead me to believe that it isn't currently possible ... so, please add it to the next update, thank you
  2. markwest

    HX Stomp FAQ

    I've just purchased the HX Stomp and I'm struggling to find out how to change the light rings around the footswitches for snapshots - I've done this on my Helix LT and I assumed that it could be done on the HX Stomp. So, does anyone know if it can be done and how to do it? Thanks
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