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  1. Wow Thank you very much, I didn't know about this page of replacement parts! I just had a breath of fresh air. I'll keep this link while hoping my current LCD does not die haha.
  2. Since my POD it's not being use for heady duty daily use i'm not that concern about those potential issues. But I completely understand your concerns; in general the pod its not a console for easy repair or fix in hardware terms. In fact, that's the point of my concern, if my display damages I basically don't know how to find a solution more than use it like that with the pod editor (which could be annoying because you couldn't tweek on rehearsals or gigs) or buy a new multieffect. So basically I just want to know if some ppl have experience the same as me, and haven't get any further issues with their display.
  3. Hello to you all, I'm owner of a POD HD500X, i had it since Christmas 2014. Still in excellent physical hardware conditions, majorly home-use. I've notice something very peculiar throughout the years, and is that the display has loose some "contrast" from its original parameters. For better understanding I attached a video showing what I'm referring to. In essence, the default LED CONTRAST parameter in the setup page 2, which is 28, On my POD doesn't look that great. Nevertheless, when you set it on the 40-45 range looks really great. Obviously I didn't perform a Factory Reset and no luck. I know some of you are maybe thinking "if your display looks great by just adjusting the LED contrast, whats the big issue here?" My question: It's not normal for a display present this rare behavior ¿its my display slowly "dying"? ¿is it a progressive issue where possibly the LED set at 40-45, right now present goog quality in the future will look awful, as it did one with the default led constrast 28? I'm not interested in spending on a new console unless this one gets faulty like a future bad display. Thank you in advanced, PODDISPLAY.mp4
  4. Both are great answes, very nice tips! thank you! .. if anyone wants to add something or say something feel free to respond :)
  5. Hello there I was just wondering, I'm gonna start playing live soon, me and my band are gonna start playing our own songs and also some covers to start. and I'm used to create patches in my bedroom, at a low volume level of course. Lets asume I have 8 patches for example, got some of them from L6 CustomTone (These are mostly for covers) and some made by me. All of these are at different levels and other parameters from each other. I have a combo Solid State amp, and I connect my hd500x directly through the Input jack (my amp has fx send and fx return) to make my patches, and i like the sound, but when we go rehearsal and connect to a random head/cab amp at high volume theres such a high pitch or fuzz in some patches. Best way to balance the level sound between patches?? ( lowering from the effect level or amp level on the patch).. a friend of my recommended me to connect it through the FX Return jack but since my effects are so unbalanced volume speaking,is a mess and I think (I dont know if its a fact or am i just crazy) i like the sound better coming from the Input jack.. Bottom top is I would like to know the best way to obtain the sound I like from a combo amp at lower level to a amp head/cab at high level. That being said, what tips for setup and/ or connection can you guys give me? Thank you very much in advanced, i know the pod hd500x is a great unit, its just I think im not very pro or agile at it even-though i know how it works cause I've read the manual and stuff.
  6. this was a helpful explaining, thanks!!
  7. Oh I think I get it now, thanks for clarify :) I kinda get it now with physical pedal effects, but in the case of the POD im not sure how its done
  8. << Effects Loop send - if available >> if you have an effects loop then here is where you would use it! The reason for using an effects loop is to be able to use the distortion built into your amp - usually valve. I always use this if I can. Why spend a load of cash on your amp with nice valve distortion and then not use it? After the EQ you would plug into the front of your amp - then send the "send" to the Pitch effect, and then plug the "return" into your last pedal. ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- This was written on the link you gave me, What if i don't like the dist on my amp?? then is not worth it to use the 4 cable method?
  9. Hello world, I have a POD HD 500 X for a while now, but I've never been into that "deep stuff" cause' i've seen (for the comments and stuff) that you get the most about this unit if have dream rig and so on, or tube amps, or variax etc etc :P, but now im curious about the FX Loops. Sometimes i think i understand how it works but reading and searching randomly I get confuse with other peoples post including other forums. So without further ado, how does the fx loops works, how do I know if its better to use it with my amp or not using the 4 cable method?? I have a Laney LX65R (solid state, no tubes) and it had no effects whatsoever, only a clean channel and a crunch channel, and a reverb knob. Still it has FX send and FX return. If its worth it, then where do I place de FX loops in the signal chain?, does the order matter and why? Sorry if a ask too much but is that wanna now everything I need for the FX loop :P or its just an option for get the most out of some "cool" amps. Thanks in advanced people!!
  10. Question, Im about to sell my pod HD500 to buy an HD500X, and i just figured that the HD PRO X is out, so my question here is, the plan is to release the current pods with more improvements as the new line of pod hd?? or there are speculations of a whole new line of multi effects processors, thanks!
  11. Nevermind i just found the Line 6 Store :) thanks line 6 to watch my back
  12. Is there a way to get this knobs? i've been looking for this knobs at online store (including ebay) without luck, my Master Knob of my Spider IV fell off, a friend of mine loose it and is annoying. He told me he will buy it for me but i cant find it. Thanks
  13. Tranks so much for your help, exactly what i need it :)
  14. Hello, I'm new to the POD HD 500, i have less than two weeks with him and we are really hitting off lol. I was just wondering , is there a list or something that shows how much DSP those modeler consumes in the HD 500?? I read that the Pitch, Reverb and specially HD Amp models are the ones that uses more DSP, even thought not all the amps uses the same. Therefore I think is kinda' useful to own a list or something, sorry if there's a thread already similar to this.
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