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  1. I just bought a jtv89f. It works very well when using the magnet pickups. But if I use the variax model through the piezo pickups, the volume of the 5th string shows much less than others, especially under tele or strat model simulating single-coil pickup. Anyone else have similar issue? And please leave me any suggestion. Thanks!
  2. Got it! There is no "Save to Hardware" until I reset the AMPLIFI after updating. Thanks anyway.
  3. i got the same problem! how should i do?
  4. i use iPhone connecting amplifi 150. i can save my tone into My Tones but i didn't find where i could save it into the hardware. anyone help me? thank you.
  5. this problem also happens to me! how should i do to download or reset to get the preset list back?
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