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  1. HI HI HI GUYS! FIRST LINE 6 Forum Post! I am A New Dream Rig Owner of about 1 Month! I play Modern Alternative and when Im not working with my own Bands i Do lots of Session Work In southern california. JTV-59 > POD HD500 > DT50 2x12 (Stereo into the House for Monitor mixes and my Acoustics) I Am sooooo Impressed with the sound quality and versatility of this rig. I actually discovered the Dreamrig by Accident after my Custom TrainWreck Clone Head a from my sponsor TONESHOP (AMAZING CUSTOMSHOP in MI) was stolen outside of the Viper Room in LA along with one of my guitars and my pedalboard :( I borrowed a POD HD BEan for a session at SUNSET SOUND and I totally started looking at Line 6 Differently. What i dialed in for the session was fast and sounded amazing . Sooooooo... after my equipment was recovered (some of it anyway) i sold it and got myself a DT and JTV . I just started recording my new bands EP and HOLY lollipop> Not to mention the time saved setting up and loading. less Cables. Im a singer FIRST and I play guitar to write and to fill space in a mix live. Before i needed multiple guitars in multiple tunings and tons of pedals to do the same work im doing now. Amazing Sound and Amazing Versatility. Full Midi Functionality. My band does lots of electronic music etc as well. Im currently using the TREADPLATE model with super low gain and a a chandler with a EHX LPB1 in the POD FX LOOP. I also use the TUBE DRIVER model in the POD and the Screamer for even more BOOM lol. Im VERY VERY happy :)))) Hoping i can get my band sponsored lol My bassist wants a Bass dream rig lol (old variax basses are crap though) I modded my JTV and POD for Touring thanks to TONEZONE LA :) (Better footswitches and a GRAPHTECH GHOST PIEZO Wraparound Bridge to replace the flimsy stock Hex Piezo Bridge . A cheap investment for a regular player that turns the guitar into a reliable workhorse and i also wanted the 13 pin Midi Functionality. Im hoping to throw Bigsby on my JTV soon :)
  2. JmrWoods !!!! email me! Ill trade my 59' in Cherrybust. Its in great condition. Works peferct! You pay all the shipping. Dreamkeeper88@gmail.com
  3. Yo! I have a JTV Cherry Burst 59' I may possibly be interested in trading for a 69' maybe. Find me on FB! Facebook.com/truthandthelies
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