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  1. i am never buying anything line 6 again !
  2. yes i tried to factory reset it , it didnt reset it just stays like this .. no havent tried the firmware reinstall
  3. now its in this state after vsell returned it
  4. i did sent it to them they couldnt do anything about it ... or they simply just didnt do anything about it ...
  5. i had my friend purchase it for me from guitar center in USA but i live in pakistan .. I did send it to the line 6 dealer here that is V-sell but they replied that it cant be repaired and they told me that it's mainboard is faulty .. i tried to reason with them that this cant be it because it works other than its lcd what is caveat emptor ?
  6. I just purchased a pod hd 300 and after some time there no display the rest of it is working fine with pc but no display in its screen (lcd thingy )
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