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  1. Hi, My gear sometimes sound like this, I just wondered what was the problem? and how did you resolve it? It sounds like a phasing problem. If thats what it is/was, how would the system go out of phase over night when it was working fine one day and not the next? Look forward to you response, thanks.
  2. Hi Guys, My last 5 gigs I've been receiving shocks/tingle from my microphone every time my lips make contact, also my sound quality is unstable and thin, and volume has gone downhill, I assume it's a grounding issue or possibly a short to ground, either way its beyond me. I have done a physical check of all mains plug earth cables which seem to be ok. All my equipment is plugged into a couple of multi extension cables which in turn goes into one mains wall socket. I'm a one man band, Ketron Audya keyboard with mic plugged into it, from the keyboard line out L/R jacks to stagesource Line 6 L3t &L3m active speakers. Quite a simple set up. This same fault has happened in the past and then miraculously cured its self, so it's an ongoing problem that really must be sorted. Anything you could recommend me checking would be appreciated? Thank you in advance. Leigh
  3. Sorry Line 6, the fault above has been intermittent and it turns out it may have been a connector block in my Ketron Audya keyboard. I've had the keyboard in pieces and cleaned every terminal and connector block, So far no reoccurring problem, fingers crossed, problem solve. And may I say these l3t/l3m speakers are fantastic. I would love to have the matching l3s, unfortunately my ageing back won't allow it.
  4. Hi, here I am again, let me tell you about my fantastic sound at a venue on Sunday and Tuesday night performing to 120 people with 1x l3t and 1x l3m line 6 linked, perfect. Unfortunately, tonight performing at an old folks Christmas party for about 40 people, using just one speaker plugged from keyboard to back line input of l3t in mono, the speaker was muffled one minute crystal clear the next, this went on for two hours, what the heck is wrong with these speakers. To have a tech guy search for an intermittent fault could be very costly, might be cheaper to sell and start again with another manufacturer. Any ideas for a fix would be gratefully received, or indeed for replacement speaker suggestions. I'm a solo performer, keyboard/singer, I come mono from my keyboard to the line input on the back of the speaker, straight forward and yet so problematic, I have used DI boxes between key's and speaker (didn't like the sound) I have also tried the side panel mixer on the l3t (again seemed to be unstable) I'm not able to check the firmware as suggested above, I've not got a M20d mixer. Thanks in advance
  5. This is what I've now fitted to my speaker cases, proper metal housed, rubber wheels. These will outlast the cases and probably the speakers (and me) Ideally the 0153N-BK would have been a better fit, which is identical to the original wheels, made with metal casings instead of thin cheap plastic. Unfortunately I was unable to source these, The retailer has to order a minimum of 500 units http://www.penn-elco...=corner-casto Product Number 0153N-BK Maybe Line 6 could purchase a bulk load and supply to us end users?? Please see pics attached
  6. Hi, even better than fitting old luggage case castors, look into replacing the cheap plastic housing castors with these steel replacements, Product Number 0153N-BK http://www.penn-elcom.com/default.asp?MC=01120801&LG=ENG&title=corner-castors
  7. I've just taken my in-expensive travel case wheels off and fitted them to my Line 6 bags, brilliant job, the plastic housings are at least 8mm thick and feel as strong as my Gator Keyboard case wheels, this will be a lasting job, because I am careful, I do take care of my equipment, all of which looks brand new even though I cover around 250 gigs per year as a professional keyboard player.
  8. I don't agree its heavy handedness to be rolling what is considered to be professional equipment up a small dropped kerb (a difference in hight of 20 mm) My holiday travel cases are more durable! This is definitely a design fault and should be rectified. The L3t speakers that these bags carry are built like a tank, fantastic quality in every way.
  9. Any suggestions would be appreciated to the above question, Thanks
  10. One of my wheels also broke off, the wheel and bearing seems to be good quality, unfortunately the plastic housing is very thin and snaps easily, very bad design. I've now gone back to using a small alloy sack barrow. Needless to say I wont be investing in new replacement bags. Would be nice if Line6 did a call back replacement/modify service free of charge??
  11. Hi, could any one tell me the absolute correct way to connect a Ketron Audya keyboard directly to the L3t/L3m speakers, which inputs and exactly what leads to use?(Balanced/unbalanced)? I don't want to use an external mixer, I just want to keep it quick and simple. Thanks
  12. Good morning, I'm having a strange problem with my L3t. At the beginning of a gig, It drops volume by probably half and then after 5 or 10 minutes it usually springs back to normal, sometimes if it doesn't, I can overdrive the input on the side mixer unit which will get it started again. It goes through this procedure at the beginning of every gig, then for the rest of the gig it's brilliant. Also I have noticed the green led input seems go dim during the volume drop? It mostly seems to be on channel 1. Have you any ideas I could check? I was hoping it might just be a dodgy solder joint, if you could point me in the right direction I would be very very grateful. I'm coming L/R out of my Ketron Audya Keyboard, into a radial DI box, going balanced L/R into the side mixer on L3t, Linked via L6 connection to L3m. All cables are newly replaced. Kind regards Leigh
  13. Hi, I plug my keyboard in as follows, Keyboard out mono through DI box into L3t mixer channel, I have been using the - pad, but on my last gig I didn't and I think the sound is much more solid, clearer with more ooph. So is it rule of thumb to always pad a keyboard into l3t or is it a personal choice thing? I didn't suffer any distortion or clipping. Thank you for you anticipated advice. Leigh
  14. Hi, Channel 1 on the mixer section of the L3t has stopped working? any suggestions where to get it fixed by a recommended service engineer in North Norfolk England? Thank you Leigh
  15. Yeah, I seem to remember unpacking the speakers from new, playing a few minutes on my keyboard running through them and noticing the fans were on? Thanks anyway, Leigh
  16. Hi thanks for your reply, I have started the process of checking cables/connection to find the intermittent cause for the drop in volume. I have noticed the speaker fans are not working? Is there a user reset I can do? Thanks Leigh
  17. Hi, I'm having problems, could you please refere to my first post with the same heading. Leigh
  18. Hi, I did my first gig last night using my new DI box plugged into the mixer section of the l3t as you suggested. The sound was excellent, very smooth, very well balanced, all was going well until volume output dropped by about half just for a couple of seconds, then came back to normal. This happened twice during a four hour gig. Any Ideas or suggestions? Tonight I thought I would try the XLR line input on the back of each speaker. Left to one speaker Right to the other. What do you think? Regards Leigh
  19. Hi, I currently plug my Ketron Audya keyboard main L & R outputs directly into the l3t RCA inputs, I'm going to start using a DI Box which will be wired inline. As the DI Box sends out Balanced mic level, should I now be plugging into the side mixer board section of the L3t, or the XLR Line input at the back on the speaker? Hope you understand my question, Thanks Leigh
  20. FBS? I assume this is feedback sensitivity button? I've tried your suggestion (Try to hold the FBS buttons while powering up) No difference, The LED stay on.
  21. Hi, I have the l3t and the l3m. I use a normal p.a mixer (not the M20) The front LED's are supposed to glow white. My l3t glows redish blue, and my l3m glows blue? When I first purchased them they both glowed white, do I have a problem? Thanks
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