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  1. I hope a ticket last night when i come back home ! I'm waiting.... I hope a replace unit and not a repair...
  2. Last night , screen problem during second part of the gig and the ipad apps which doesn't recongnize the stagescape......
  3. Hi i reinstall thé firmware as suggested by the support and no problem. See the answer "Bonjour, veuillez reinstaller votre m20d par cette procedure alternative : -insertez votre clé USB ou carte SD avec le firmware de m20d -allumez le m20d en appuyer TWEAK, RECORD & MONITOR (le firmware est réinstallé) si votre m20d ne marche pas encore veuillez contacter votre vendeur car il faut analyser le m20d dans notre centre SAV "
  4. Hi i have same problem since few weeks.i have no Idea. I use the 1.20 firmware. Do you have news or solution ? Thank you
  5. Ok perfect. Thank you all for your help and answer.
  6. I don't understand very well for the inputs because silverhead wrote they are dry , so i think without fx because he send them to a Daw.
  7. Ok thank you very much.So the inputs only are dry ? Without effects ? And i notice one thing. The level of the main mix record is very low. I don't see where i can adjust it.
  8. Hi With the Main Mix, are the FX recorded ? Thank you in advance for your answer. Phil
  9. Gator for Gibson LesPaul is perfect

    New Packs HD

    Ok perfect. Thank you

    New Packs HD

    Yes I did that.Thank you

    New Packs HD

    OK thank youEven turn off the pod must be connected, that is correct?

    New Packs HD

    Hi I bought them an install into my PodHD500. Last night, without the pod, i try to see via the PodHD Edit software the amps in the packs but see nothing. I need to plug the pod to see the new amps ? Because the "originals" amps are seen in the software. Thank you for answer. Philippe
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